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On John Cowan, a 2014 graduate of Kansas University, began a hunger strike on campus Friday morning in

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Jerry Rowe 2 years, 6 months ago

If you don't pay attention to me, I'll eat worms and die , then you'll be sorry. Oh wait, I forgot. I can't eat worms or anything else until I die , then I'll eat worms and, Whaaaah, whaaaah, I'm so confused. I wonder if I floss and swallow the specs if it counts or not. I have this tune stuck in my head," Catches flies" "In his Mouth" "Taste the Freedom" I got to stop watching Monday Night Raw. Oh crap, it's on tonight. The Hunger strike is being postponed until tomorrow for reasons beyond my control. It will resume tomorrow, depending on what happens to Bray Wyatt tonight. Now what was that tune ? New faces of fear, or Broken out in Love. Hey Mr. you got a stick of gum ?

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