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On A map showing the route for the South Lawrence Trafficway. Courtesy: Kansas Department of Transporta


mccgirl80 2 years ago

Could you post a link to the picture above? I would like to be able to zoom in.

elliottaw 2 years ago

it is hard to tell what is going on with that little of a picture

gccs14r 2 years ago

They've butted the trafficway up against residential areas while at the same time encroached on the wetland, so it's the worst of both worlds.

Fatty_McButterpants 2 years ago

Chad, that link doesn't appear to show the same information as the hobbit-sized map above. Is there any way to get that map enlarged?

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

It's near the old railroad roundhouse that leaked pollutants into NE Corner of area conditionally deeded to University of Kansas and Kansas Department of Wildlife/Park & Tourism about 1958. During heavy rains, storm water & untreated waste water get dumped into wetlands & canals feeding into the Wakarusa River.

juma 2 years ago

All I want to know is how to get to Tractor Supply to buy my weed killer and motor oil????

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

As KVHAdventuring (Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance, Inc) Resident Agent, I have an ethical & legal obligation to ensure that our appointed & elected "public servants" either equal or exceed water quality protection practices as those adopted by KDHE's Upper Wakarusa Watershed WRAPS Pilot Project. WRAPS means Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies ...

Sequel to KELP Class 5-2005 "Ridges of Leavenworth County" Advanced Leadership Project to overcome watershed elevation awareness deficiency.

Sequel to KELP Class 5-2005 "Ridges of Leavenworth County" Advanced Leadership Project to overcome watershed elevation awareness deficiency. by Bob-RJ Burkhart

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

Wakarusa Valley WRAPS Background: Project Funding « Hip Deep in the Wakie February 2006 to September 2007 Upper Wakarusa WRAPS Implementation Pt. 2 KS WRAPS 2005-0067 (KDHE & KWO). This project helped solidify the UWW ... http://wakarusariver.wordpress.com/wraps-2/project-funding/

WRAPS Projects | Kansas WRAPS There are currently over 25 active WRAPS projects in Kansas. ... KS-WRAPS Upper Wakarusa WRAPS Implementation (Six Mile and Lynn Creeks) ... part through the Kansas Water Office, with appropriations from the Kansas Water Plan Fund; ... http://www.kswraps.org › Directory

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

Since John C. Fremont's 1848 Army of the West Topographical Surveys, maps have been used & abused to help influence "manifest destiny" decisions about historic transportation routes. So, here's an expanded context for KSDOT's superficial overview ...

GIS-based Resources for Re*Mapping the West: http://futurethought.pbworks.com/w/page/64950352/Westport%20to%20Wakarusa%20Route%20BiotERROR

greenquarter 2 years ago

Wow, so many links, so little information. I still can't make out where this is...and every map is completely different. Just enlarge the one on this page! Jeez.

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

Or use LJWorld's digital library to review how KSDOT's Texas-based consultants reframed issues, barriers & challenges to benefit land speculators with vested interests @ http://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/did_i...

Bob-RJ Burkhart 2 years ago

Reposting prior remarks about developing heritage tourism that honors or shared sense of place :: As a US National Park Service Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area planning partner, KVHAdventuring helps empower fully informed Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) when evaluating land use alternatives. Redacted remarks above are now posted here: http://www2.ljworld.com/marketplace/businesses/kaw-valley-heritage-alliance/ads/9889/

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