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On David Charles, Lawrence, back right, hugs Sam Stepp, Prairie Village, front, as President Barack Oba

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somedude20 5 years, 3 months ago

KKKant be sorry...what a better day for all...even the ones who don't get it!!!

Richard Heckler 5 years, 3 months ago

Thanks to our Lawrence delegation of democrats who stepped up in order to maintain a bit of sanity in a sea of insanity.

On the national scene Republicans have never been about smaller government nor have ever reduced the size of government nor reduced the size of spending ever. In fact it has been quite the opposite. Republicans are not paying attention. Republicans are getting used every day.

Considering the party of NO is still running the house I will encourage President Obama to step up and make use of his executive privilege throughout the next 4 years.

The republicans of which they are NOT do not wish to build bridges. Tearing down bridges has been their claim to fame since Reagan/Bush. Don't waste time on matters that cannot succeed.

The nation cannot afford another 4 years of NO

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