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On City Football Showdown


Eric Schmidt 4 years, 6 months ago

Why would the administration of Lawrence High School allow their students and parents dump bags of shredded paper all over their seating section during their loss to Free State High? This show of disrespect and rude behavior would not be permitted by other schools or fans. Where were those with common sense, are there any parents, teachers or security who would oppose such immature disregard for common decency? Lawrence High Supporters should be ashamed of their poor sportsmanship and lawless behavior.

Tatyana Younger 4 years, 6 months ago

The students didn't shred paper because of losing, they used it as confetti to cheer on their team at kickoff. As newspaper isn't against the rules, nor is confetti, this wasn't lawless, nor poor sportsmanship on their part, just team spirit and regulation following. Now, as baby powder/powdery substance is against the rules, Free State actually BROKE rules, as at their kickoffs, they threw that into the air.

And let's not forget, Free State students had vandalized LHS Halloween night/ 11/1 morning

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