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On Run for Boston


jevonbellam 11 months, 3 weeks ago

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grean_lantern 1 year ago

Many thanks to those who came to show their support both by running/jogging/walking and by their donations. Clearly are actions are symbolic in many ways and, in some sense, a way for us to address our personal emotions. We didn't fix or solve anything. We collected donations for a good local cause. We expressed our sympathy, showed our resolve to continue despite terrorism and we ran a few miles. we #ranforboston Thanks to LJWorld for coverage-esp Nick for great pics. Personally, I don't remember seeing anybody with their political party affiliations on. Jon King.


Brock Masters 1 year ago

Why do people run in support of people far away who they don't know? Why? Because we are Americans, we are family, we are brothers and sisters united and indivisible. We stray from one another but tragedies like this remind us of who we are and bring us back together.


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