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On Farmers' market


chocolateplease 5 years ago

I wish it wasn't so expensive to shop at the farmer's market. People watching their budgets have a hard time affording food like this.

bigdave 5 years ago

Three bucks for green onions!! Now I know why I don't shop the farmers market!!

kernal 5 years ago

Friends who live in non-drought states with lower real estates taxes tell me they pay less at their farmers markets than we do.

We can buy one tomato plant for the price (or lower) of one beefsteak tomato at the farmers market. We can also grow what are called patio tomatoes and cherry or grape tomatoes in containers on balconies or patios. Ditto for peppers, although the containers for bell peppers need to be larger than than a pot for a normal houseplant. Basil, tarragon, chives, thyme and rosemary are really easy to grow in pots on a balcony or patio. All you have to do is keep them watered, have some sunlight and they're happy.

Fiberglass pots work just fine and are cheaper, last longer and lighter weight than the clay pots. It does help if you can store them over the winter in a store room or a friend's garage so they don't crack.

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