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On Bassnectar w/Ghostland Observatory/Gramatik/Gladkill -- 10/05/12 at Burcham Park


ericawins 1 year, 6 months ago

... Is a residential area the BEST place you can think of for a show like this??? I don't hate fun or anything, but to have someone electronically fart into a loudspeaker repetitively for five hours, four blocks from my house, is a little disrespectful to my family and the other residents near Burcham Park. I have a migraine. And a two year old that is terrified. And a job to be up for in the morning. I can't be the only person in the mile radius of houses that can hear this right now (almost 11 pm).

I want to know who allowed this to happen within city limits. And I want to park my car outside their house blast them with Skrillex into the wee wee hours until their head explodes too. Because I am guessing that person is missing all the fun.


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