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On Douglas County Commissioner Nancy Thellman chats on


Liberal 1 year, 5 months ago

Since Nancy decided to post lengthy post on Franks Chat and I know Frank would not do something so crass. I thought I would do it for him, I have no shame.

Frank Male is Fiscally Responsible I pledge to be an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars, and to take a conservative, common sense approach to budgetary matters. My priority for our limited resources will be to concentrate on core governmental functions of public safety, essential human services and infrastructure. I know the difference between “wants” and “needs” in this economically challenging time.

Frank Male is for Opportunities for All I will be a strong advocate for economic development efforts that would bring a wide range of opportunities for all citizens. I am the candidate who will foster a positive attitude and environment for businesses and will contribute to those efforts of Baldwin City, Eudora, Lawrence and Douglas County.

Frank Male is a Small Business Owner Having been a small business owner in Douglas County for over 25 years, I have first-hand experience in working within a budget, meeting a payroll, and making difficult decisions that a leader must make. I want to bring that experience to Douglas County and put my decision-making skills to work for you.

Frank Male believes in Private Property Rights As a landowner in rural Douglas County with experience of having served on the Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Commission, I will work hard to protect the individual rights and liberties of private property owners throughout Douglas County while also recognizing the need for organized and planned growth.


Phil Minkin 1 year, 6 months ago

While Nancy is a proponent of economic growth in Douglas County , she understands that it can't be at the expense of of our quality of life. We are a rich community, not only because of a growing economy, but because of our attention to the arts, the environment and the well being of all our citizens, and Nancy works to support all of those components.


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