Journal-World classified (published 03/13/2013)

(First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, February
27, 2013)

General Notice to Control
Noxious Weeds

The Kansas Noxious Weed
Law, K.S.A. 2-1314 et seq.
requires that all persons
who own or supervise land
in Kansas to control and
eradicate all weeds declared noxious by legislative action. The weeds declared noxious are: field
bind weed, musk thistle,
johnson grass, bur ragweed, canada thistle, sericea lespedeza, leafy
spurge, hoary crest, quack
grass, russian knapweed,
kudza and pignut. Notice is
hereby given pursuant to
the Kansas Noxious Weed
law to every person who
owns or supervises land in
Leavenworth County that
noxious weeds growing or
found on such land shall be
controlled and eradicated.
Control is defined as preventing the production of
viable seed and the vegetative spread of the plant.

Failure to observe this notice may result in the

1. Serving a legal notice
requiring control of the
noxious weed within
a minimum of five days.
Failure to control noxious
weeds within the time period allowed may result in
the County treating the
noxious weed at the
landowner's expense and
placing a lean on the property if the bill is not paid
within 30 days or,
2. Filing criminal charges for
non compliance. Conviction
for non-compliance may result in a fine of $100 per day
of non- compliance with
maximum of $1500.

The public is also hereby
notified that it is a violation
of the noxious weed law to
barter, sell or give away infested nursery stock or
livestock feed unless the
feed is fed on the farm
where grown or sold to a
commercial processor that
will destroy the viability of
the noxious weed seed.
Custom harvesting machines must label with a label provided by the Kansas
Department of Agriculture
and must be free of all
weed seed and litter when
entering into the State and
when leaving a field infested with noxious weeds.
Additional information may
be obtained from the Leavenworth County Noxious
Weed Department or by
contacting the Kansas Department of Agriculture,
109 S.W. 9th, Topeka, KS