Journal-World classified (published 07/04/2013)

(Published in the Shawnee
Dispatch, Wednesday, June
26, 2013)


You are hereby notified that a
petition (SAV-13-002) has been
filed in the Office of the City
Clerk of the City of Shawnee,
Kansas, addressed to the Governing Body of the City of
Shawnee, Kansas, requesting
the vacation of the following
public drainage easement:

A tract of land located within
Lot 6, SHAWNEE PLAZA, a subdivision of land in the City of
Shawnee, Johnson County,
Kansas and being more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at the Northwest
corner of said Lot 6; thence
South 2409?29? East (Bearing
written herein are based upon
the Kansas State Plane Coordinate System, 1983, Kansas
North Zone) along the Westerly line of said Lot 6, a distance of 45.34 feet to the point
of intersection of said West
line of said Lot 6 and the
Southerly line of an existing
platted Drainage Easement;
thence North 5738?56? East
along said Southerly easement line, a distance of 149.15
feet; thence South 8027?17?
East along said Southerly
easement line, a distance of
5.39 feet to the Point of Beginning; thence North 5927?57?
East, a distance of 10.38 feet;
thence South 6643?17? East, a
distance of 28.14 feet to a
point on said Southerly easement line; thence North
8027?17? West along said
Southerly easement line, a
distance of 35.27 feet to the
Point of Beginning, containing
117.81 square feet.

You are further notified that
said petition will be presented
to and heard by said Governing Body at a public meeting
thereon on the 22nd day of
July 2013, beginning at 7:30
p.m., which hearing, to be
conducted in the Council
Chamber of the Shawnee City
Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive,
Shawnee, Kansas, which may
be adjourned from time to
time to some day and hour
certain as deemed necessary
by said Governing Body, which
adjournment shall be noted
upon the record of the proceedings thereof.

All persons interested can appear and be heard on said vacation at said time and place.