Journal-World classified (published 07/04/2013)

(Published in the Shawnee
Dispatch, Wednesday, June
26, 2013)

Notice to Bidders

Sealed proposals will be received from Bidders by the
City of Shawnee, hereinafter
referred to as the Owner, at
the office of the City Clerk at
Shawnee City Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, Kansas,
as well as online via Public
Purchase for testing a new
proposed on-line bidding
service (See below), until
10:00 A.M., Friday, July 12,
at which time, the bids
received will be opened and
publicly read for the construction of the 2013 Mill/Overlay,
Curb and Inlet Replacement
. Bidders will be notified of the results within fourteen (14) days of the date set
above for bids to be received.
The Contract shall be awarded
by the Governing Body of the
Owner at the sole and complete discretion of such Governing Body. The City of
Shawnee reserves the right to
reject any or all bids and to
waive informalities or irregularities in bids.

The Project includes curb and
gutter replacement, sidewalk
replacement, inlet
repair/replacement, concrete
inlay removal, full depth asphalt patching, pavement
markings, and milling and asphalt overlay.

The City will soon be implementing on-line bidding, in addition to downloading plans.
Through this project, the City
will test the on-line bidding
process through the on-line
services of "Public Purchase."
Electronic bidding will be performed via Public Purchase. In
order to be considered a
qualified bidder, the online
bid must be completed and
submitted and a copy of the
bid bond uploaded to the
. Contract documents may
be obtained after 8:00 a.m.,
June 26, 2013, from .
Contract documents may be
downloaded electronically at
no cost by navigating under
"Start Browsing Now" (on the
right hand side) and selecting
the Kansas Region and City of
Shawnee page. Contact via their
live chat feature on their
website, or at 1-801-932-7000
for assistance with free membership registration,
downloading, and working
with the digital contract documents. Paper copies of contract documents and plans
are available for a
non-refundable fee of $80.00
per set from Shawnee City
Hall, Development Services
Department. If you have
questions regarding the contract documents or for project information, please call
the Development Services
Department at

Pre Bid meeting will not be
held for this project

Each Bidder shall file with
their bid a cashier's check,
certified check, or bid bond
drawn on an acceptable bank
in an amount of not less than
five percent (5%) of the total
amount of the bid. Bid Bonds
will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders, with the exception of the second qualifying bidder, at such time as
their bids are rejected.

All bidders shall verify that
they have considered all written addenda. Any written addenda issued during the time
of bidding shall be covered
and included in the bid. There
will be no clarifications or exceptions allowed on the Bid.
Bids are for a total bid package, and total contract price.

Each bid shall be made on a
printed proposal form included with these documents.
Bids shall be submitted in
sealed envelopes and shall be
marked " Bid for: 2013
Mill/Overlay, Curb, and Inlet
Replacement Program"
. An
officer of the firm making
such proposal shall properly
execute all proposal forms.
Bids received after the time
and date above specified shall
be returned, unopened, to the