Journal-World classified (published 01/30/2013)

(Published in the Shawnee
Dispatch, Wednesday, January 23, 2013)

Summary of Ordinance
No. 3054

On the 14th day of January
2013, the Governing Body of
the City of Shawnee, Kansas, passed Ordinance No.
3054, providing for the vacation of right-of-way for
old Highway K-10 in the
Northeast Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Section 10, Township 12 South,
Range 24 East Of The Sixth
P.M., now in the city of
Shawnee, Kansas, and providing for the reservation
of perpetual public easements for stormwater
drainage and utilities

A complete text of the Ordinance may be obtained or
viewed free of charge at
the office of the City Clerk
or at .

The undersigned hereby
certifies, as prescribed by
KSA 12-3007, that the foregoing Summary of Ordinance No. 3054 is legally accurate and sufficient.

Dated: January 14, 2013

/s/ Ellis Rainey,
Assistant City Attorney