Journal-World classified (published 12/12/2012)

(Published in the Shawnee
Dispatch, Wednesday, December 5, 2012)

Summary of Ordinance
No. 3050

On the 26 day of November,
2012, the Governing Body of
the City of Shawnee, Kansas passed Ordinance No.
3050, to amend the Shawnee Municipal Code to clarify the Special Animal Permit provisions in Chapter
6.10 and Dangerous Animal
Restrictions in Chapter 6.14
to address and clarify the
exception for fowl maintained by the City and to remove dog and cat licensing
provisions, all as applied
within the corporate limits
of the City of Shawnee,

A complete text of the Ordinance may be obtained or
viewed free of charge at
the office of the City Clerk
or at .

The undersigned hereby
certifies as prescribed by
KSA 12-3007 that the foregoing Summary of Ordinance No. 3050 is legally accurate and sufficient.

Dated: November 26, 2012

Ellis Rainey,
Assistant City Attorney