Journal-World classified (published 09/14/2013)

(First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World,
August 31, 2013)



DOB: XX-XX-2013, A male

Case No. 2013 JC 000074


Jesus "Chuey" Resendiz,
"Rafa" Pena Lopez, Enrique
Sollis, and Unknown Father,
Their parents, adult relatives, and any person
claiming legal right to custody of the child, and all
other persons who are or
may be concerned:

COMES NOW Petitioner, the
State of Kansas, by and
through counsel, Emily C.
Haack, Assistant District
Attorney, and provides notice of a hearing as follows:

You are hereby notified
that a petition has been
filed in this court alleging
that the child named above
is a Child in Need of Care. If
the Court finds the child is
a child in need of care, the
Court may also find that
the parents are unfit by
reason or conduct or condition which renders the parents unable to care properly for a child, the conduct
or condition is unlikely to
change in the foreseeable
future, and the parental
rights of the parents should
be terminated. The Court
may also order the parents
to pay child support.

On the 22nd day of October 2013, at 3:00 p.m. , the
father and any other person claiming legal custody
of the child must appear
for a formal hearing
the District Court, Division
6 at the Douglas County
Law Enforcement and Judicial Center, 111 E 11th
Street, Lawrence, Kansas.
Prior to that time, the father, paternal grandparent,
or any other party to the
proceeding may file a written response to the pleading with the clerk of the

Each parent has a right to
appear and be heard personally either with or without an attorney. Each parent has the right to be represented by an attorney
and if the parent is financially unable to hire an attorney, the Court will appoint one if the parent submits an application for appointed counsel. Napoleon
S. Crews, an attorney in
Lawrence, Kansas, has
been appointed as guardian ad litem for the child.
Juanita M. Carlson, an attorney in Lawrence, Kansas, has been appointed as
counsel for Jesus Resendiz;
Jody M. Meyer, an attorney
in Lawrence, Kansas, has
been appointed as counsel
for "Rafa" Pena Lopez; John
Clark Gilroy, an attorney in
Lawrence, Kansas, has
been appointed as counsel
for Enrique Sollis; and Kansas Legal Services has been
appointed as counsel for
the unknown father.

Each party is hereby notified that, pursuant to
K.S.A. 60-255, a default
judgment will be taken
against any parent (or
other person entitled to
custody) who fails to appear in person or by counsel at the hearing.

Emily C. Haack
Assistant District Attorney
Office of the Douglas
County District Attorney
111 East 11th Street
Unit 100
Lawrence, Kansas
(785) 841-0211