Journal-World classified (published 09/07/2013)

(First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World,
August 25, 2013)

To whom it may concern:

The City of Baldwin City is
bidding out tree trimming
service around electric
lines in the area outlined
below. All alleys must also
be cleared so City Maintance Vehicles can pass.
Qualified bidders must
comply with the following:

Successful bidder must
possess, or agree to obtain,
a Baldwin Arborists License
pursuant to Chapter 13, Article 3 of the Baldwin City
Code, proof of Liability
Insurance in the amount of
at least $1,000,000, references from an Electric Utility demonstrating experience with this sort of trimming contract, and a Dielectric Testing Inspection
Report on all equipment
used on this job.

The City of Baldwin City
also expects all industry
standard safety practices
to be followed including,
but not limited to, wearing
hard hats, safety glasses,
and harnesses, etc. The
area to be trimmed is from
6th to 10th street / High to
Orange Street, around 26
blocks of line, and will include all Primary Electric
Lines voltage not to exceed
12,470 volts phase to phase,
7200 volts phase to ground.
This job needs to be concluded by October 31st,
2013 no exceptions. The
City of Baldwin City has the
right to refuse any bid. If
interested please contact
Chris Croucher with the
City of Baldwin at (785)
594-6907 or email at