Journal-World classified (published 07/10/2013)

(Published in the Lawrence
Daily Journal-World July 3,


The Douglas County Board
of Zoning Appeals will hold
a meeting on Monday, July
22, 2013 at 10:00 AM in the
County Commission meeting room on the 2nd floor of
the Douglas County Courthouse located at 1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS. The Board will
hold public hearings on the
following item:

A variance request for a reduction in minimum
lot/parcel width from the
90% requirement of 594
feet. The property the variance is requested on is located at 1823 N 1400 Road,
Eudora, KS. The legal description for this property
is as follows:

143.96 ACRES;
S11-T13S-R20E; NW , LESS
1.24A ST OF KS, LESS 14.8A
TR 4B DIST CT CASE # 29523

Requested by Jim McDonald representing property
owner, Daniel Brune.

Any person interested in
appearing and testifying
before the Board on an application is welcome to attend.

Douglas County Zoning &
Codes Department

Linda M. Finger, Interim Director, Douglas County
Zoning & Codes