Journal-World classified (published 07/19/2013)

(First Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World,
June 28, 2013)


OneWest Bank, FSB,


Wayne Godlewski and Kimberly Godlewski, et al.,

Case No. 13CV24
Court Number: 1
Pursuant to K.S.A.
Chapter 60


Under and by virtue of an
Order of Sale issued to me
by the Clerk of the District
Court of Douglas County,
Kansas, the undersigned
Sheriff of Douglas County,
Kansas, will offer for sale at
public auction and sell to
the highest bidder for cash
in hand, at the Lower Level
of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the
Courthouse at Lawrence,
Douglas County, Kansas, on
July 25, 2013, at 10:00 AM,
the following real estate:

Commencing at a limestone at the Southeast
corner of the Southeast
Quarter of Section 9,
Township 15 South, Range
19 East of the 6th Principal
Meridian, Douglas County,
Kansas; thence North 89
49' 22" West 1315.72 feet
along the South line of
said Southeast Quarter to
a " rebar, the point of
beginning; thence North
89 49' 22" West 657.85
feet along said South line
to a " rebar, said rebar
being 657.86 feet East of
the Southwest corner of
said Southeast Quarter;
thence North 00 03' 53"
East, 1323.92 feet to a "
rebar on the North line of
the South Half of said
Southeast Quarter, said
rebar being 657.36 feet
East of the Northwest corner of the South Half of
said Southeast Quarter;
thence South 89 49' 13"
East, 657.36 feet along said
North line to a " rebar;
thence South 00 02' 35"
West 1323.90 feet to the
point of beginning
, commonly known as North 100
Road, Baldwin City, KS
66006 (the "Property")

to satisfy the judgment in
the above-entitled case.
The sale is to be made
without appraisement and
subject to the redemption
period as provided by law,
and further subject to the
approval of the Court. For
more information, visit .

Kenneth M. McGovern,
Douglas County, Kansas

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