Journal-World classified (published 05/15/2013)

(First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-Wrodl,
April 12, 2013)

PROJECT NO. 2013-6
BID #13-F-0009


Notice is hereby given that
sealed proposals for the
performance of the contract above noted will be
received in the Office of the
Douglas County Clerk until
3:30 P.M., Friday, May 3rd,
2013, and then publicly
opened in the Courthouse,
1100 Massachusetts Street,
Lawrence, Kansas.

Douglas County Project
2013-6 consists of 124,085
S.Y. of 2" milling on mainline, shoulders and side
road approaches, placing
approximately 14,925 tons
of HMA-Commercial Grade
(Class A) (Surface), Asphalt
Pavement Smoothness,
2,356 tons of
HMA-Commercial Grade
(Class A) (Patch), 1,221
tons of Aggregate Shouldering (AS-1), setting 14
monument boxes and Traffic Control. This project is
located on Douglas County
Route 1057 from N1000 (RTE
458) to K-10 Eastbound
ramps, Rte 458 from E1900
to E2200, Rte 460 from E2000
to E2200 and E900 Road
from N1390 to N1430.

Included is an Add Alternate bid consisting of 1,067
S.Y. of 2" transition milling
on mainline, 1,705 tons of
HMA-Commercial Grade
(Class A) (Surface), Asphalt
Pavement Smoothness, Approximately 300 tons of
HMA-Commercial Grade
(Class A) (Patch), 220 tons
of Aggregate Shouldering
(AS-1), 3 Monument Boxes
and Traffic Control on
Douglas County Route 458
from E2300 to E2400.

All bids must be submitted
on forms obtainable at the
Office of the Director of
Public Works/County Engineer, 1242 Massachusetts
Street, Lawrence, Kansas or
Demand Star @ , and
are open for public inspection. Proposals shall be
submitted in sealed envelopes, addressed to the Office of the County Clerk,
Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas
66044, upon which is clearly
written or printed
"Proposal for Douglas
County Project No. 2013-6",
and the name and address
of the bidder. Any bids received after the closing
time will be returned unopened.

Copies of the Contract Documents and Specifications
are available from the Office of the Director of Public Works and County Engineer of Douglas County,
Kansas. A Twenty Five Dollar ($25.00) non-refundable
deposit is required per proposal, which includes a
copy of the contract documents and specifications.
The contract documents
and specifications become
the property of the prospective bidder and are not
returnable. Copies of the
contract documents and
specifications are on file
and open for public inspection at the Office of the
County Engineer.

All bids must be accompanied by a CERTIFIED CHECK,
BOND for not less than Five
Percent (5%) of the base
bid as a guarantee that if
awarded the Contract, the
bidder will enter into a Contract and give bond as required. Said check or bond
shall be made payable to
the Board of County Commissioners, Douglas
County, Kansas.

Contracts will be awarded
only to such bidders as are
on the list of Pre-Qualified
Contractors for the Kansas
Department of Transportation on the date established for receiving and
opening of bids.

The Board of County Commissioners of Douglas
County, Kansas reserve the
right to reject any or all
bids and to waive technicalities, and to award the
contract to the bidder that
the Commission deems
best suited to accomplish
the work.
Keith A. Browning, P.E. Director of Public Works Date: 4/10/13