Journal-World classified (published 03/29/2013)

(Published in the Lawrence
Daily Journal-World March
15, 2013)



D.O.B.: XX-XX-1996,
a female
Case No. 2012-JC-0031


TO: Patricia Vender, the
adult relatives of Patricia
Vender and any person
claiming a legal right to
custody of the child and all
other persons who are or
may be concerned:

You are hereby notified
that a petition pertaining to
the parental rights of the
parents of the child identified above has been filed
with the district court requesting the Court find the
child is a child in need of
care. A permanency motion has also been filed
with the same court requesting the Court find the
parents of the above
named child are each unfit
by reason of conduct or
condition which renders
each of them unable to care
properly for the child and
the conduct or condition is
unlikely to change in the
foreseeable future and that
the parent's parental rights
should be terminated. The
Court may also make other
orders including requiring a
parent to pay child support.

On the 1st day of April
2013, at 3:00 p.m.
, the
mother and any other person claiming entitlement to
the legal custody of the
child is required to appear
for the adjudication of the
petition as to the mother
and, if the child is adjudicated to be a child in need
of care, the matter will
proceed immediately to an
admit or deny hearing as
to the parents on the permanency motion alleging
the mother and father are
unfit. A permanency hearing will be incorporated
into the proceeding.
hearing is before the court
in Division 6 at the Douglas
County Law Enforcement
and Judicial Center, 111 E
11th Street, Lawrence, Kansas. Prior to the proceeding, a parent, grandparent
or any other party to the
proceeding may file a written response to the pleading with the clerk of court.

Jody M. Meyer, an attorney
in Lawrence, Kansas, has
been appointed as guardian ad litem for the child.
Juanita M. Carlson, an attorney in Lawrence, Kansas, has been appointed as
counsel for the mother;
Kansas Legal Services, an
attorney in Lawrence, Kansas, has been appointed as
counsel for the father.

Each party is hereby notified that, pursuant to
K.S.A. 60-255, a default
judgment will be taken
against any parent (or
other person entitled to
custody) who fails to appear in person or by counsel at the hearing.

Emily C. Haack #23697
Assistant District Attorney
111 East 11th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
(785) 841-0211