Journal-World classified (published 02/12/2013)

(Published in the Lawrence
Daily Journal-World February 5, 2013)


Pursuant to Kansas Self
Storage Facility Act, the
contents of the following
units will be sold by sealed
bids on February 26, 2013,
at 1717 W. 31st 9:00 AM, 816
E. Lynn St. 10:00am and
2201 St. James Ct. 11:00
A.M. Lawrence, KS. Please
call 842-8411 the morning of
the auction to confirm exact locations and times, as
they are subject to change.

Fantasia Shourek A10
household misc
Nadine Hundelt C93
household misc
Karen Frick B66
household misc
Jamie Drake B68A
household misc
Chad Rutter 74
household misc
Holly Ranker 81D
household misc
Tyrone Polleri 88J
household misc
Terrance Morris 715
household misc
Sandra McCann 511
household misc
William Marsh 310
household misc
Trevor Culbreath 1104
household misc
Debra Allen 28
household misc
Cindy Spring 1101
household misc
Jeannie Winter 35
household misc

All units are subject to reconciliation with owner of
record before sale date.
The contents of said units
are in storage at A1 & St.
James Storage. Locations:
2201 St. James Ct., 816 Lynn,
1717 W. 31st St., Lawrence,
KS. Phone 785-842-8411.