Journal-World classified (published 01/16/2013)

(Published in the Baldwin
City Signal, Thursday, January 10, 2013)


On January 7, 2013, the City
of Baldwin City, Kansas
adopted Ordinance No.
1289 levying special assessments on certain property to pay the costs of internal improvements as
heretofore authorized by
Resolution No. 2011-13; and
providing for the collection
of such special assessments. The special assessments pursuant to this ordinance relate to an eight
inch sanitary sewer and all
necessary appurtenances
to serve the area near
Ames Street and North
Sixth Street. Any amount of
special assessments not
paid within the time prescribed in the Ordinance
shall be certified by the
City Clerk to the Clerk of
Douglas County, Kansas, in
the same manner and at
the same time as other
taxes are certified and will
be collected in annual installments, together with
interest on such amounts
at a rate not exceeding the
maximum rate therefor as
prescribed by law. A complete copy of this ordinance may be obtained or
viewed free of charge for
not less than seven days
following publication of
this Summary at or at
City Hall, 803 8th St., P.O.
Box 86, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006. This Summary is
hereby certified to be legally accurate and sufficient pursuant to the laws
of the State of Kansas by
Matthew H. Hoy, City Attorney.