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Cranky croc steals Aussie zoo worker's lawn mower

A giant saltwater crocodile named Elvis with an apparent affinity for household machinery charged at an Australian reptile park worker Wednesday before stealing his lawn mower.

Woman drowns in Australian floodwaters

A woman drowned after trying to cross a flooded causeway in Australia, becoming the first victim of relentless flooding that one official has described as reaching “biblical proportions,” police said Sunday.

Pope canonizes 1st Australian saint

Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed Australia’s first saint on Sunday, canonizing a 19th-century nun and also declaring five other saints in an open-air Mass attended by tens of thousands.

1st female PM leads party to low point

Whether or not she emerges as winner following recent elections, Australia’s first woman prime minister will have led the nation’s oldest political party to one of the lowest points in its 119-year history.

Powerful 7.1 earthquake shakes New Zealand

No casualties, just 2 injuries reported

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake damaged buildings, cut power and knocked fleeing residents off their feet on New Zealand’s South Island early today, but there were so far no deaths and only two injuries reported.

Tasmanian devil euthanized

A Tasmanian devil named Cedric, once thought to be immune to a contagious facial cancer threatening the iconic creatures with extinction, has been euthanized after succumbing to the disease, researchers said today.

Parties seek independents’ support

Leaders of Australia’s two major political parties lobbied for support from independent lawmakers to stitch together the nation’s first minority government since World War II after the closest elections in almost 50 years.

P.M. says elections too close to call

It could take more than a week to learn who will govern Australia after a cliffhanger election — the closest in nearly 50 years — and the winner may have to woo the support of a handful of independent lawmakers in order to assume power.

100-year-old Scotch found in Antarctica

A crate of Scotch whisky that was trapped in Antarctic ice for a century was finally opened Friday — but the heritage dram won’t be tasted by whisky lovers because it’s being preserved for its historical significance.

First female PM takes office in Australia

A sudden revolt within Australia’s ruling party gave the country its first woman prime minister, who promised today to safeguard her government’s reforms in education, health and industrial law.