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Lawrence flair shines bright through new public mural in Korean ‘city of the future’

Hailed as the city of the future, Songdo, South Korea, was built from the ground up and opened for business in 2009. Against the city’s modern, concrete-and-steel-heavy architectural landscape, a shot of color from a brand-new outdoor mural really pops. If “A City on the Rise” looks similar to something you’d see on the side of a building in Lawrence, your eyes aren’t mistaken. By Sara Shepherd

Obama: N. Korean rocket test would isolate regime

Warning North Korea from its doorstep, President Barack Obama said Pyongyang risks deepening its isolation in the international community if it proceeds with a planned long-range rocket launch.

Seoul holds military drills despite threat

South Korea conducted live-fire military drills near its disputed sea boundary with North Korea on Monday despite Pyongyang’s threat to respond with a “merciless” attack.

US to send ambassador to Myanmar, upgrading ties

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday the United States will exchange ambassadors with Myanmar in response to its freeing political prisoners and other reforms.

North Korea keeps door open for food-nuke deal with U.S.

North Korea signaled Wednesday it remains open to suspending uranium enrichment in exchange for U.S. food aid, a deal that appeared imminent before leader Kim Jong Il died last month.

Swank sushi: Tuna fetches $736K

This tuna is worth savoring: It cost nearly three-quarters of a million dollars.

N. Korea vows to defend Kim Jong Un ‘unto death’

North Korea vowed today to stage an all-out drive for prosperity as it unites behind new leader Kim Jong Un, ushering in 2012 with promises to resolve food shortages, bolster its military and defend Kim Jong Il’s young son “unto death.”

North Korea vows no softening under its new leader

North Korea warned the world Friday there would be no softening of its position toward South Korea's government after Kim Jong Il's death as Pyongyang strengthened his son and heir's authority with a new title: Great Leader.

North Korea calls Kim Jong Un 'supreme leader'

North Korea's power brokers publicly declared Kim Jong Un the country's supreme leader for the first time at a massive public memorial Thursday for his father, cementing the family's hold on power for another generation.

North Koreans salute, cry for late leader Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il’s son and successor was declared “supreme leader” of North Korea’s ruling party, military and the people during a memorial today for his father in the first public endorsement of his leadership by the government.

Japanese educators visit Kansas University

Educators from Lawrence's sister city Hiratsuka, Japan, visited the university to discuss exchange programs.