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Upcoming conferences at KU’s Dole Institute to focus on this year’s elections

Journalists, academics and political leaders will come together for two upcoming events at the University of Kansas to talk about results of this year’s elections and their implications.

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Partisan ‘bubbles’ and polarization: A pre-election conversation with a KU expert in political psychology

University of Kansas assistant professor Patrick Miller's field of study sheds light on how voter behavior has led to our current political climate, as well as where it might be heading next. Basically, he’s concluded so far that we’re uncivil, we’re polarized, and we’re getting worse.

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Challengers draw sizable financial support in area legislative races

New campaign finance reports show that some of the challengers trying to unseat incumbent legislators in local races have raised considerable amounts of money. But the incumbents still hold a fundraising edge.

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Poll: Trump narrowly leads in Kansas; Supreme Court Justices battle for retention

The latest "Kansas Speaks" poll by Fort Hays State University says Republican Donald Trump is leading in Kansas, but with less than half the vote and only 8 percent above Democrat Hillary Clinton. And nearly half of those surveyed said they will vote to oust at least one Kansas Supreme Court justice.

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Sen. Roberts tell Lawrence audience he's still endorsing Trump; says control of the Senate is a "coin toss"

Speaking to the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Senator said he finds Donald Trump's behavior and comments "abhorrent" but believes he would make better nominations to the Supreme Court than Democrat Hillary Clinton. But he predicted neither party will have large enough majorities in Congress to break the current stalemate on both issues, and described the odds of Republicans keeping control of either chamber as "a coin toss."

Need help registering to vote? League of Women Voters offering assistance this weekend

The Douglas County League of Women Voters will help residents with voter registration for this year’s general election from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Lawrence Farmers’ Market, 824 New Hampshire St., and from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont St.

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Donald Trump endorses House Speaker Paul Ryan, ending 4-day standoff

Donald Trump has formally endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan, after saying he wasn't ready to do so earlier this week.

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Kansas taking steps for certification at Osawatomie hospital

Kansas has taken steps to ask the federal government to certify part of its state mental hospital in Osawatomie.

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Chamber-backed group attacks Kansas moderates

A group making questionable claims about legislative candidates was funded by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee, according to campaign finance reports.

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Kansas officials’ travel mixes family, politics, KU basketball

Kansas taxpayers have been picking up the tab for state officials and legislators to fly in the state-owned executive aircraft to attend out-of-state sports events and take trips with family and friends, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Lights, Camera, Films for Action: FFA kicks off 2009 with screening of "I.O.U.S.A."

Lawrence resident Tim Hjersted fired up Films for Action four years ago as a forum to present activist-minded films to local audiences. FFA will also reach the KU campus in 2009 thanks to Will Stewart-Starks, who is planning screenings at ...

100-year-old Kansas woman lines up for tickets to presidential visit

Olathe resident Fern Coffin, who is 100 years old, joined members of her family Tuesday, January 20, 2015, and waited in line for hours at the Douglas County Fairgrounds to secure tickets to see President Barack Obama speak Thursday at Kansas University.

Occupy Lawrence protesters come to Massachusetts Street

Event organizer Lori Learned Robinson talks about the Occupy Lawrence protest, an offshoot of the national Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jerry Moran discusses the debt ceiling at Lawrence Public Library

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran gives his thoughts on the debt ceiling during a town hall-style meeting at the Lawrence Public Library on Monday.

Gov. Brownback delivers first state address

Governor Sam Brownback delivered his first State of the State Address on Wednesday. Brownback outlined plans to move the state forward. 6News reporter Will DuPree explains why growing the economy is a top priority.

Governor-elect Sam Brownback talks about his priorities after being sworn in

Governor-Elect Sam Brownback speaks about economic development, education and medicaid in an interview with the Journal-World, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010.

Reports say Moore's wife will seek nomination

Dennis Moore's wife may aim for the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional district in the next election.

Misconduct complaint to get full hearing

A misconduct complaint against the house speaker is going to receive a full hearing. The complaint comes from conflict-of-interest concerns.

Highway advocates push $10 billion transportation plan

Money could be allocated to help construct the South Lawrence Trafficway if a bill makes its way through Washington.

Thornburgh joins Brownback campaign

Two Kansas political leaders have gone from rivals to teammates.

Jenkins speaks to both sides of issue at KU

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins addressed both sides of the health care issue at the Dole Institute of Politics of the KU campus Tuesday. Jenkins heads back to Washington next week.