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Former Sen. Dole resuming Kansas homecoming tour

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole returns to Kansas next month for the latest of several planned trips to his home state this year.

Orman releases 'reform' plan in Kansas Senate race

A northeast Kansas businessman running for U.S. Senate as an independent candidate says he supports term limits and ending pensions for members of Congress. Greg Orman outlined a plan Monday for reforming Congress.

Divided U.S. House abandons vote on border bill

House Republicans abruptly abandoned a bill to address the immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday after last-minute maneuvering failed to lock down sufficient conservative support. The surprise move, coming on Congress' final day of action ahead of a five-week summer recess, was an embarrassing setback for Speaker John Boehner and his leadership team as a small group of tea party lawmakers once again upset their plans.

In Kansas City, Obama to GOP: 'Stop just hating all the time'

Pointing the finger at Republicans for congressional inaction, President Barack Obama chided lawmakers Wednesday for spending the waning days before their month-long summer break trying to sue him rather than addressing economic issues that could boost the middle class. "Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Come on," the president said in a boisterous and sharply partisan speech in Kansas City.

Catholic bishops hint at changes in voting guide

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted this month to begin making "minor changes" to a document meant to guide Catholic voters in U.S. elections. The changes may reflect the more moderate teachings of Pope Francis I, but bishops in Kansas are still stressing conservative ideals on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. By Peter Hancock

Kansas City loses bid to host GOP convention

The chance has passed for Kansas City, Missouri, to shine in the national political spotlight. The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that Kansas City failed to make the cut when its list of finalists to host the 2016 Republican National Convention was narrowed to just two cities, Cleveland and Dallas. Also eliminated was Denver. Here are a few questions and answers about the competition:

Snags reported in online voter registration

People who try to use the state's online system to register to vote may be told their applications were incomplete, even if they submitted all the right documents. That's what happened to one 18-year-old voter, whose father is challenging Secretary of State Kris Kobach for re-election. By Peter Hancock

Hundreds of Douglas County voters still in limbo as primary election nears

County election officials say more than 600 would-be voters still have their registrations "in suspense" because they have not yet provided the required proof of citizenship. Those voters must file their proof of citizenship before Election Day in order to cast a ballot. Primary elections in Kansas will be held Aug. 5. By Peter Hancock

Kansas businessman still fighting $42M tax bill

A prominent southeast Kansas businessman and his wife are locked in a dispute over a $42 million tax bill and questions over which state they resided nearly a decade ago. For the past two years, Gene Bicknell has fought the tax bill that was levied based on where he lived at the time of the 2006 sale of National Pizza Company — the nation's largest Pizza Hut franchise holder. He argues he was a Florida resident, but the Kansas Department of Revenue, citing its definition of domicile imposed around the time of the sale, disagrees.

Jenkins votes to block Pentagon from studying climate change

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins voted Friday for a measure that blocks the Pentagon from spending any funds to assess climate change and its impact on national security. By Peter Hancock

Lights, Camera, Films for Action: FFA kicks off 2009 with screening of "I.O.U.S.A."

Lawrence resident Tim Hjersted fired up Films for Action four years ago as a forum to present activist-minded films to local audiences. FFA will also reach the KU campus in 2009 thanks to Will Stewart-Starks, who is planning screenings at ...

Occupy Lawrence protesters come to Massachusetts Street

Event organizer Lori Learned Robinson talks about the Occupy Lawrence protest, an offshoot of the national Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jerry Moran discusses the debt ceiling at Lawrence Public Library

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran gives his thoughts on the debt ceiling during a town hall-style meeting at the Lawrence Public Library on Monday.

Gov. Brownback delivers first state address

Governor Sam Brownback delivered his first State of the State Address on Wednesday. Brownback outlined plans to move the state forward. 6News reporter Will DuPree explains why growing the economy is a top priority.

Governor-elect Sam Brownback talks about his priorities after being sworn in

Governor-Elect Sam Brownback speaks about economic development, education and medicaid in an interview with the Journal-World, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010.

Reports say Moore's wife will seek nomination

Dennis Moore's wife may aim for the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional district in the next election.

Misconduct complaint to get full hearing

A misconduct complaint against the house speaker is going to receive a full hearing. The complaint comes from conflict-of-interest concerns.

Highway advocates push $10 billion transportation plan

Money could be allocated to help construct the South Lawrence Trafficway if a bill makes its way through Washington.

Thornburgh joins Brownback campaign

Two Kansas political leaders have gone from rivals to teammates.

Jenkins speaks to both sides of issue at KU

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins addressed both sides of the health care issue at the Dole Institute of Politics of the KU campus Tuesday. Jenkins heads back to Washington next week.

Dennis Moore discusses economy

Congressman Dennis Moore discussed the economic slowdown with a guardedly optimistic tone.