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Family plans to follow Peltier

Marquetta Shields looks forward to the day her dad, Leonard Peltier, can join her in the park for a picnic with his grandchildren.

Peltier moves to Indiana penitentiary

Leavenworth becoming medium-security institution

Leonard Peltier, serving two life sentences for the 1975 slaying of two FBI agents in South Dakota, has been moved to a federal penitentiary in Indiana, according to his attorney and the Bureau of Prisons.

Witness at AIM trial says Peltier bragged of killings

Claim emerges during 1975 murder case

The former wife of AIM co-founder Dennis Banks told jurors Wednesday that she was with Anna Mae Aquash and others when Leonard Peltier bragged about killing two FBI agents in 1975.

Appeals court considers request for Peltier hearing

Attorneys for jailed American Indian advocate Leonard Peltier told a federal appeals court Friday the government is denying him a parole hearing on the unproven claim that he ambushed two FBI agents before gunning them down 28 years ago. Peltier, 59, will have been in prison twice as long as required by federal guidelines if no hearing is held until 2008 as decreed by the U.S. Parole Commission, attorney Barry Bachrach said.

Peltier sentence reduction denied

A federal appeals court Thursday rejected American Indian activist Leonard Peltier's request for reductions in the two consecutive life sentences he got in the 1975 killings of two FBI agents, saying the appeal came far too late. An attorney for Peltier has argued that ballistics evidence not considered by his client's sentencing judge could have led to two concurrent life sentences, not the back-to-back ones Peltier has been serving since his 1977 conviction and sentencing.

Attorneys appeal sentence for Peltier

An attorney for imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier asked a federal appeals court Tuesday to reduce his sentence for the 1975 murders of two FBI agents and let him go free on parole.

Peltier supporters pin hopes on papers

Defense committee combing thousands of FBI documents

By Joel Mathis It's a little bit like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee last month received 30,000 pages of FBI documents relating to the imprisoned American Indian's case. Now, activists with the Lawrence-based committee are digging through those pages hoping to find even a sliver of evidence that will help to set Peltier free.

Peltier lawsuit against FBI cites civil rights violations

American Indian activist says he was denied chance at clemency

FBI agents and Director Louis Freeh denied imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier a fair chance at clemency and parole when they publicly protested against him in 2000, a lawsuit to be filed in federal court Thursday alleged.

Imprisoned Peltier seeks sentence reduction

American Indian activist Leonard Peltier wants a federal judge in Fargo, N.D., to reduce his murder sentence so the two life terms run concurrently, rather than consecutively. The change would give Peltier an earlier chance at parole.

Peltier committee adds board members