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U.S. airstrikes attempt to curb Islamic State militants

Thousands of displaced Iraqis fled their camp in the face of advancing fighters of the Islamic State group, deepening the humanitarian crisis in the north of the country as the United States carried out its first airstrikes against the militants to blunt their assault.

'Can't do it alone': KU scholarship winner navigates system for husband disabled by PTSD

Her husband — the smiling 6-foot-5-inch soldier who’d respond to “Jump!” with “How high?” and whom friends once teased about being whipped — had forgotten they were having a baby that day. Jennifer Thornton was furious. But not surprised. By that time, she knew what post-traumatic stress disorder could do. By Sara Shepherd

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Army's failure to provide records of son's death in Iraq multiplies family's anguish

Parents piece together details of tragedy

Nine years after his son was killed in Iraq, Jim Butler is still waiting for a report he may never get. As an investigation by ProPublica and The Seattle Times revealed, the Army has lost or failed to keep that document and many other field records from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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KU student, veteran on mission to get degree after injuries

Wounded Warrior Project to receive 2012 Dole Leadership Prize

To understand why Brent Whitten will be at the front of the room Sunday as the Wounded Warrior Project receives the 2012 Dole Leadership Prize at the Dole Institute of Politics, you can start on Sept. 9, 2006. But you have to continue to today, six years later, as he studies for midterms and figures out how to fit an economics course into his schedule next semester and needs to get back home to Topeka by 4 so he can pick up his 7-year-old son at the bus stop.

New military roles to be recommended for women

For the past decade women in the U.S. military have served, fought and died on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scores killed in bombings targeting Shiites in Iraq

An apparently coordinated wave of bombings targeting Shiite Muslims killed at least 78 people in Iraq on Thursday, the second large-scale assault by militants since U.S. forces pulled out last month.

From vets to moms, Iraq war leaves mark on town

This town of Kokomo, Ind., is known for embracing the military, whether it's memorializing its fallen heroes in the middle of the war, stretching Veterans Day into an eight-day tribute or flying POW-MIA flags outside the schools. But now, in the wake of the departure of the last U.S. troops from Iraq, Kokomo joins hundreds of smaller towns across the nation that will be wrestling with the legacy of a nearly nine-year war that claimed nearly 4,500 American lives, wounded tens of thousands, and became one of the most politically divisive conflicts in U.S. history.

Obama, Biden welcome home US commander in Iraq

Blending solemn tradition with joyous reunion, the top commander of U.S. forces in Iraq returned home to U.S. soil Tuesday, greeted by his wife and his president in an understated ceremony to mark the end of the nine-year conflict.

Mixed emotions for Iraq vets in the White House

In transitioning from the battlefield to the White House, Iraq vets have given the war a face and voice in West Wing, serving as a constant reminder that, for a small percentage of Americans, the long, divisive conflict has also been a matter of life and death.

N.C. man, 23, last soldier killed in war

As the last U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq on Sunday, friends and family of the first and last American fighters killed in combat were cherishing their memories rather than dwelling on whether the war and their sacrifice was worth it.

War veteran trains for Paralympic Games

Iraq War veteran and purple heart recipient Kortney Clemons talks about how he began running competitively after an improvised explosive device forced his right leg to be amputated while serving in 2005.

TroopTube a boon to military families

Keeping in contact with soldiers serving thousands of miles away just got easier.

Seeking Counseling

Now that Ted Lawyer has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, he seeks treatment at the Colmery-O'Neil Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Topeka.

Getting counseling

Now that Ted Lawyer is diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he seeks treatment, both mentally and physically, at Colmery-O'Neil Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Topeka.

Getting counseling

Now that Ted Lawyer has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he seeks treatment at the Colmery-O'Neil Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Topeka.

Relearning Life

After returning from Iraq in October 2006, Kansas Army National Guard 1st Sergeant Ted Lawyer, of Lawrence, was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He and his wife, Gwen Lawyer, are now coping and adapting to Ted's changed personality.

Dole Institute hosts military bloggers

They are instant connections to the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now, military blogging is connecting to the world of academics.

Bush addresses nation

President Bush gave his final State of the Union address on Monday night and said while U.S. troops in Iraq are hitting enemies hard, they're still not defeated and there will be tough fighting ahead.