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Former federal official to remain vocal on senior issues in private life

Kathy Greenlee has returned to Kansas and stepped down from her job as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Aging, but her advocacy will remain constant. “I’m an advocate at heart,” she said. “It’s the first time in 20 years I haven’t been in government. Advocacy as a private citizen is a little different.”

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Kansas to seek partial recertification of Osawatomie soon

Kansas plans to ask the federal government soon to recertify part of its state mental hospital in Osawatomie, a top social services official said Wednesday, a move that would restore less than half of its lost federal funding.

Kansas: No court order needed for same-sex birth certificate

Kansas officials say no court order will be needed in the future to process birth certificate applications of children from same-sex couples who conceive by artificial insemination.

Kansas plans state's first public summit on drones

Kansas plans state's first public summit on drones

Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Wichita State University mathematician Beth Clarkson has seen enough odd patterns in some election returns that she thinks it's time to check the accuracy of some Kansas voting machines. She’s finding out government officials don’t make such testing easy to do. By Karen Dillon

K-State can test for new strain of dog flu affecting Midwest; no cases reported in Kansas

Kansas State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory can test for a new strain of canine influenza, or dog flu, that has infected more than 1,000 dogs in the Midwest since April, according to a news release Wednesday by the university.

Kansas ponders new protections for campus religious groups

Kansas legislators could enact new legal protections for faith-based groups on state college campuses, even though the state already has a religious objections law.

Wichita seeks ruling on legality of marijuana initiative

A day after Wichita voters approved a ballot measure that would reduce the penalties for small amounts of marijuana, the city asked a court to rule on the legality of the proposed changes, which had already drawn a warning from the state attorney general.

Kansas program to help pay utility bills offered

A government program that helps people pay winter utility bills will begin taking applications this week.

With low oil, gasoline prices, is Keystone still necessary?

A 50-percent plunge in the price of crude oil, resulting from abundant global oil supplies, and cheaper gasoline at the pump raise critical questions about whether the Keystone XL oil pipeline is still needed or even makes financial sense.

Lawrence pay growth slows

In today's news: Wage, salary increase behind U.S., state averages in ’07; KU researcher detects missing link in spider evolution. In sports: Taylor named Big 12 Rookie of the Week

Homeless families keep their children in school.

As many as 15 families are living at the Lawrence Community Shelter, and that means children from 15 families have to try and get ready for school every morning in the same small space. But they're doing it.

Crowd gathers in South Park in an effort to save Lawrence SRS office

Hundreds of people converged on South Park on Saturday July 16, 2011 to protest the closing of the SRS office in Lawrence. Speakers talked about the importance of SRS to the Lawrence community and surrounding area.

Steve Six discusses Snyder v. Phelps funeral protest case

Lawrence attorney Steve Six, whose term as Kansas attorney general ended Monday, Jan. 10, 2011, discusses his office's role in the Snyder v. Phelps funeral protest case the U.S. Supreme Court is considering.

Task force looking to improve Kansas bridges

A task force plans to release recommendations for improving inspections of thousands of bridges in Kansas.

Driving instructor offers insight to job

Oskaloosa resident Jon Brown, a longtime driver's education instructor, describes his job and the areas in Kansas where he has taught.

Health policy leader fighting for statewide smoking ban

The state's chief health policy leader isn't giving up on her fight for a statewide smoking ban.

Lack of flood insurance haunts many Kansans

For those without flood insurance, homes can be lost in a matter of minutes. Compared to other parts of the country, Kansas homeowners are less likely to purchase the protection.

Minimum wage proposal defeated at State House

Forty-five states have a state minimum wage rate - Kansas is at the bottom of that list and won't be moving up anytime soon.

State's minimum wage could be on the rise

Kansas currently has a minimum wage of $2.65 and hour - the lowest in the nation.

Unemployment not yet a big issue in Kansas

As the economy continues to slide, nationwide unemployment tops a two-year high at five percent. But the work force in Kansas has yet to feel the pinch.