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Kansas Medicaid expansion in doubt despite hospital's woes

Advocates are buzzing again about the possibility of extending Kansas' health coverage for the poor because of a Topeka hospital's potential demise but could struggle to attract the last few votes from reluctant Republican legislators to overcome GOP Gov. Sam Brownback's opposition.

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Kansas regulators reject $12.2B Westar sale to Great Plains

Kansas utility regulators Wednesday rejected a proposed $12.2 billion buyout of Topeka-based Westar Energy, saying the proposed purchase price offered by Great Plains Energy, the parent company of Kansas City Power and Light, was "simply too high."

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Kansas volunteer firefighters underfunded when needed most

Volunteer firefighters, who make up 90 percent of the firefighters in Kansas, are seeking additional funding.

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Kansas taxes nearly $12M short of expectations in March

Kansas is reporting that its tax collections in March fell nearly $12 million short of expectations.

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Kansas lawmakers considering lottery vending machines

Kansas Lottery players soon might be able to buy tickets from vending machines.

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Keeping gun ban at Kansas mental hospitals may cost $25M

The cost of upgrading security at Kansas' major mental hospitals in Osawatomie and Larned in order to avoid allowing concealed carry firearms in the building could reach $25 million.

Kansas bill would shield public employers from gun liability

A Kansas House committee advanced a bill Friday that would protect public employers from liability should an employee act use a concealed weapon wrongfully or negligently while out of the building for work.

League of Women Voters to present open government award

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas County has selected Dr. Alan Cowles to receive the 2016 Helen Fluker Open and Accessible Government Award.

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Attempt to override tax veto falls 3 votes short in Senate; little consensus on what comes next

The Kansas Senate came up three votes short in an attempt to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill that would have reversed many of the tax cuts he championed in 2012, but the debate over his tax policies is far from over.

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Bill repealing Brownback tax cuts passes House easily; Senate scheduled to vote Friday

A tax bill that would repeal many of the tax cuts Gov. Sam Brownback championed in 2012 easily passed the Kansas House Thursday, but by fewer votes than it received in a preliminary vote a day earlier.

Kansas University Basketball team meets with Gov. Sam Brownback

The Kansas University men's and women's basketball team visited the Statehouse in Topeka on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Gov. Sam Brownback discusses tax cut plan

Gov. Sam Brownback talks to reporters about a proposal that will cut an estimated $2.9 billion in the next six years.

GOP Caucus

Republicans voice their support for presidential candidates at Kansas GOP Caucus.

The Resurgence of Meth

Officials in southeast Kansas talk about the recent spike in methamphetamine use. They believe it can be attributed to the "one-pot" or "shake and bake" method.

Gov. Brownback discusses education funding issues

Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday spoke to reporters and editors at the Lawrence Journal-World. Brownback said growing the economy was his primary goal as he prepares for the 2012 legislative session that starts next month.

Strengthening Agriculture

Chris Wilson, deputy secretary of the Kansas Department of Agriculture talks about the importance of farmer's markets in strengthening the relationship between grower and consumer.

Kansas Attorney General in Lawrence

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt talks about his concerns about some of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's resources and staffing levels. Schmidt spoke to the Lawrence Noon Rotary Club on Aug. 8, 2011, at the Holiday Inn Lawrence, 200 McDonald Drive.

SRS Secretary Rob Siedlecki discusses closure of Lawrence office

Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Secretary Rob Siedlecki spoke with Lawrence Journal-World editors Monday, July 11, 2011, about the planned closure of the Lawrence SRS office. Siedlecki said there was no chance the Lawrence office will be spared closure, but maintained there will be some SRS presence in the city.

Local Retailers Confused About Four Loko Ban

Distributors of Four Loko and other energy drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine can no longer supply such products to Kansas stores. But some Lawrence retailers are unsure as to whether they can sell the drinks they have left in stock.

Kansas collects more tax revenues than expected in August

The state collected $38 million more than expected this month.