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Civil War 150th anniversary inspires host of activities in Lawrence

When news broke of shots fired on Fort Sumter and the proclamation of war that followed, the residents of Lawrence greeted it with excitement — and as a call to action.

Civil War re-enactors actually declined Lawence visit because of ban on firing blanks

Re-enactors say ban on blanks was real reason for missing Civil War celebration

A group of Civil War re-enactors were faced with that prospect last Saturday after City Hall leaders unexpectedly told them that they could not fire their weapons with blank ammunition as part of a re-enactment event for the community’s Civil War on the Western Frontier.

Civil War re-enactors call off encampment

No weapons. No rations. No wool uniforms in 90-degree heat. The re-enactors aren’t coming.

Tours, re-enactments featured in Civil War on the Western Frontier

The 14th annual Civil War on the Western Frontier will commemorate the role Kansas and Douglas County played leading up to and during the Civil War.

Tease photo

14th annual Civil War celebration to begin this weekend in Lawrence

Annual series of performances, lectures and other events starts Saturday

Before the Kansas Jayhawks were a basketball team, they were a faction of ruffians who helped give the state its bloody reputation during the Civil War.

Regional leaders meet in Lawrence to iron out details of area Civil War heritage plan

The process of developing a management plan to promote Civil War era histories in eastern Kansas and Western Missouri is in its final months.

Activities range from mud forts to historical lectures

Here is a rundown of the Civil War on the Western Frontier activities, with presenters' names and contact numbers.

Rekindling history

Historians, re-enactors commemorate city's ties to Civil War

By Jan Biles Lawrence High School history and political science teacher Paul Stuewe said Civil War on the Western Frontier is not a celebration of Lawrence's ties to the war between the North and the South.

Lawrence to honor history

Here is a run-down of the Civil War on the Western Frontier activities, with presenters' names and contact numbers:

Mud Fort building on the Kaw

The 13th annual mud fort workshop, one of the Civil War on the Western Frontier 2012 events, was held on the banks of the Kansas River near downtown Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2012.

Wilson's Creek Civl War Reenactment

Civil War re-enactors with the 3rd Kansas, Battery B, light artillery unit, including two men from Lawrence, participated in the Wilson's Creek 150th Anniversary Reenactment on August 12-14 near Springfield, Mo. William Quantrill fought with the Missouri Guard in the battle, August 10, 1861, considered the second major battle of the Civil War. Two years later, Quantrill attacked Lawrence.

Mud Fort Time-Lapse

This time-lapse video captures volunteers as they build a mud fort on the banks of the Kansas River.

Kids dig in to mud forts

Reporter Lindsey Slater grabs a shovel and pitches in on the banks of the Kaw, joining the children there to make model mud forts as part of Civil War on the Western Frontier days.