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Arbor Day Foundation and Black Hills Energy providing free trees

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees initiative, Black Hills Energy is distributing approximately 1,000 free trees to customers.

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Kansas House panel rejects bill aimed at preventing earthquakes

A Kansas House committee rejected a bill Thursday that was aimed at preventing earthquakes that are triggered by certain activity related to oil and gas production.

Injection well would not pose seismic risk in Douglas County, one expert says

Marty Dubois, a geologist from Lawrence who has worked in the oil and gas industry for 40 years, says the type of injection well being proposed southeast of Eudora would be vastly different from those that have been associated with recent earthquakes in south-central Kansas and northern Oklahoma. But environmental groups still want state regulators to conduct more research before permitting any more such wells.

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Permit for oil production in Flint Hills draws protests, fears of future earthquakes

About two dozen people protested outside the Kansas Corporation Commission office Thursday, asking regulators to reconsider a permit for an oil company to operate a saltwater injection well in Morris County in the Flint Hills. Protesters say injection wells are linked to seismic activity that could damage their homes and threaten their drinking water. The KCC said the wells pose little threat to public safety and that the proposed wells meet all of the state's permitting requirements.

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Kansans who install solar panels may soon pay higher electric bills

In a long-awaited and highly controversial ruling Thursday, the Kansas Corporation Commission said electric utilities may treat customers who generate their own power as a separate class and charge them higher rates in order to make sure they pay their fair share of the cost of maintaining the power grid. The ruling applies only to residential customers using what are called "distributed generation," or DG systems, such as solar panels.

Holcomb power plant unlikely to be built, company says; $93 million already spent

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in August, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association described as "remote" the chances that it will ever build the 895 megawatt coal-fired power plant it planned to build in southwest Kansas and that it is writing off as a loss more than $93 million it has already spent on the project.

Kansas to receive $880,000 for wildlife conservation projects

The U.S. Interior Department is awarding the grants for conservation projects on Native American lands and other parts of the state.

Experience Kansas prairie up close during evening wildflower walk

Although this will be the 20th year that he has led the Akin Prairie Wildflower Walk, Kelly Kindscher doesn’t know exactly what he and those who join him on the trek Saturday will see.

Arbor Day Foundation and Black Hills Energy providing free trees

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees initiative, Black Hills Energy is distributing a limited number of free trees to customers.

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Kansas officials cheer Trump action to rewrite clean water rules; environmental groups fear consequences

Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran, along with Rep. Lynn Jenkins, all praised President Donald Trump's executive order to repeal or revise new EPA regulations aimed at protecting water quality in the nation's rivers and streams. A local environmental group says the order could have a significant effect on the Kansas River as well as other lakes and streams.

Wet spring means pests galore

• The wet spring season will mean more mosquitoes than last year • Former Kansas University athletic director Bob Frederick was flown by air ambulance to KU Medical Hospital after a bicycle accident at Sixth and Kasold Drive around 6:45 ...

New buses, more stops, Wi-Fi envisioned for local transit

The cloudy, wet and cooler weather lingers today with temperatures struggling to reach 48 by the afternoon. Scattered showers are expected, with the best chance for rain in the morning and early afternoon and a breeze from the north around ...

NASA climate expert warns of dire results of global warming

Don't be surprised to see a few scattered showers through the mid-morning or even early afternoon. We'll be dealing with scattered showers for the early part of the day with clearing skies for the afternoon. Our high will top out ...

Global warming downplayed at Kansas chamber event

Plenty of sunshine is in store for the first half of the day with clouds building in for the afternoon. Expect a pleasant 85 degrees for the afternoon with a gusty south wind between 10-25 mph. Showers are possible for ...

Kansas Herpetological Society field trip

Over 100 participants joined the Kansas Herpetological Society in a herpetological survey near Russell, Kansas, April 25 and 26. Snakes, frogs, turtles, toads, skinks and salamanders were counted and collected on an 11,000-acre property in western Russell County.

Electronics Recycling Event

Bob Akers, deputy director at The Surplus Exchange, discusses what happens to the hundreds of TVs, computers, and microwaves that were dropped off at the Electronics Recycling event at Free State High on Saturday. The City of Lawrence sponsored the annual event designed to encourage recycling of potentially hazardous products.

Treasures, trash collected at Clinton Lake

Jennifer and David Unekis, of Lawrence, with their daughter, Adeline, 9, volunteered with the Pinckney School Girl Scouts to help clean a local park. About 50 people participated in the 28th annual Clinton Lake Clean-up.

Woodsy the Owl at Clinton lake

Woodsy the Owl talks — more like gestures — about keeping Clinton Lake clean at the 28th annual Clinton Lake Clean-up Saturday at Overlook Park. About 50 volunteers combed the park looking for recyclables and trash. For an inside feature on this video, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJtmJXGhffg

Crews burn Baker Wetlands south of 31st Street

Roger Boyd, Baker University, and a small crew burned the Baker Wetlands south of 31st Street in Lawrence Monday, April 18, 2011. The annual burn is done to control weeds and promote grass growth.

Next NASA satellite to measure aresoles

The next NASA satellite is set to launch in two weeks. The satellite will focus on the affects aerosols have on clouds and precipitation.

Climate change is real, NASA expert says

Based on data, climate change is real, NASA official Jack Kaye says. But part of the difficulty is discerning how much of the change is caused by nature and how much from humans.

NASA measures earth's changes

Along with changes in the polar regions, NASA researcher Jack Kaye says there have been other noticeable differences in the earth.

NASA expert talks about sea ice

NASA expert Jack Kaye says observations from space show a dramatic reduction in sea ice near the polar region, a sign of climate change.

New trails at the Haskell Wetlands north of 31st Street

Wetlands advocate Mike Caron talks about work being done to the trails on the Haskell Wetlands, which are north of 31st Street. The project, which is organized by Haskell students aims to connect the wetlands on the north side of 31st Street with the Baker Wetlands on the south side.