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State funding cuts may raise cost for Lawrence tech-ed courses

Kansas lawmakers did not appropriate enough money this year to fully fund the $1,000 incentives that school districts were supposed to receive for each student who graduates with an industry-recognized job training certificate. Lawrence officials said they were using that money to reimburse students for the cost of books and fees for the college courses they were taking, but now students may have to pay a bigger share out of their own pockets. By Peter Hancock

School finance ruling may eventually affect Lawrence district taxes

Lawrence school district officials had been planning to raise local property taxes to make up for funding that was cut under a new school finance law enacted this year. But a district court ruling last year striking down the new law and ordering the state to restore those cuts may make a tax increase unnecessary. By Peter Hancock

Tech education incentives cut for Kansas school districts

Budget cuts are leading to significant cuts to a Kansas program designed to enhance career and technical education.

Lawrence gay couples ecstatic over U.S. Supreme Court ruling

On Friday the Lawrence Journal-World reached out to several same-sex couples to ask them how they felt about the historic ruling. All, of course, were ecstatic, but they all remained concerned about what Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's next steps would be. By Karen Dillon

Kansas receives extension of No Child Left Behind waiver

The U.S. Department of Education announced it has awarded Kansas a three-year extension on its waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law. Meanwhile, Congress is now considering a long-overdue overhaul of that law. By Peter Hancock

Few hitches in Kansas math, reading tests this year

Kansas students and schools should have access to their scores in September from this year's state math and reading tests that officials say went off with relatively few hitches.

Schools bracing for possible future cuts

Officials in the Lawrence and Baldwin City school districts have already made adjustments for cuts imposed by the state's new block grant funding formula for schools. But they are also preparing for the possibility of more cuts to come if Kansas lawmakers can't agree on a tax package needed to fund next year's budget. By Peter Hancock

Second of two codefendants in alleged Haskell rape case pleads not guilty

A 20-year-old Anadarko, Okla., man pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges related to an alleged November 2014 rape of a fellow Haskell Indian Nations University student in his dorm room.

National accrediting organization gives KU passing grades

Kansas University officials announced Tuesday that a national organization has reaccredited its academic programs.

Bishop Seabury class ready to lead, learn from others

While many of the audience members that Jack Powell addressed Friday were not done being students, the Bishop Seabury Academy graduate told his classmates to be more than that: "Go out there and teach something."

Deeper school cuts lack support in House

A washed out front will team up with an area of low pressure and eastward moving cold front to provide the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms Thursday. If enough moisture is present, and this looking likely, a few of ...

City mulls massive budget cuts

Today's forecast: Highs today will reach the middle to upper 20s under partly sunny skies. North winds of 15-25 mph will make it feel that much cooler. By tonight, winds settle down and we drop into the single digits. Today's ...

Student detained after bringing explosive device to school

Today's forecast: Today.... Blustery and overcast. A few flurries. Highs in the upper 30s. North winds 20-30 mph. Tonight.... Cloudy with a few flurries early. Cold. Lows in the lower teens. Today's headlines: A sixth-grader at Tonganoxie Middle School is ...

Schools will fight back if funding is cut

It looks to be a slightly warmer day today with a gusty wind from the south. We'll reach the lower 20s by mid-afternoon. Clouds will be increasing as the day progresses. Expect tonight's low to drop to about 20 degrees. ...

Former KU research aide makes first court appearance

After patchy fog for the morning, the sun will make a debut today which will allow our daytime high to top out at 71 cool degrees. Expect the wind to stay out of the east between 5-10 mph for the ...

Enrollment up in Lawrence public schools

Cloudy skies will dominate the day with a daytime high reaching 81 degrees. The wind will remain out of the east between 5-10 mph through the evening. We could have a couple of showers sneak into the area tonight leaving ...

Behind the scenes in the lunch room with Bev Lockwood

As the kitchen manager at West Junior High, Bev Lockwood, talks about how much she enjoys working with kids and also the responsibility of looking out for them and their eating habits when they are at school.

Students try to set world record for speed stacking

Perry-Lecompton Elementary School students attempt to set a world record in "Speed Stacking" on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. They were part of a nationwide effort to set the Guinness record for Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Ivan L. Boyd Center for Collaborative Science Education

Baker President Pat Long made an announcement during groundbreaking ceremonies of the Ivan L. Boyd Center for Collaborative Science Education on Friday Oct. 7, 2011. The building is a new addition to Mulvane Hall.

International Walk to School Day

Students from all over the United States took part in National Walk to School Day, on Oct. 5, 2011. Students from Sunset Hills Elementary divided up into several groups and walked to school on a cool crisp morning.

Scholars walk up Mount Oread

About 200 freshman Mount Oread Scholars trekked up Mount Oread today, learning about the history and traditions of Kansas University. The scholars wore shirts with the phrase "What goes up, must come down," in reference to the KU tradition of walking down the hill during graduation.

Center for Design Research building open house

Graduates and professors discuss the Center for Design Research at Saturday's open house. The students and professors helped create the eco-friendly building on KU's West Campus as part of a year-long course known as "Studio 804."

Kids make "snowballs" to beat summer heat

Kids at East Heights have been taking part in some wintry activities through the Boys and Girls Club to help cool off this summer. Included in the various types of fun are paper snowball fights, winter movies and winter apparel.

Lawrence school district pulls everything together to make enrolling simple

Laura Kirk talks about the experience she and her children's had with the school district's Welcome and Enrollment Center. They're looking forward to their first year in Lawrence schools.

Children's Violin Recital in South Park

Students of violin teacher Julie Holmberg perform for family and friends for their annual summer concert at South Park, July 8, 2011.

KU researcher tests the generosity of LJWorld.com reporter Shaun Hittle

Omri Gillath, Kansas University associate professor of social psychology, is conducting research on ways of increasing and influencing an individual's level of generosity. In this video, Gillath tests his methods on LJWorld.com reporter Shaun Hittle.