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Letter: Needs/wants

Let’s take a look at some of the “needs/wants” our city officials have obligated us, the taxpayers of Lawrence, to pay:

Letter: ‘A’ work

At the Governance Committee hearing on April 15, Regent Tim Emert chastised the Social Media Working Group by saying “Some place this train got off the tracks. … If any professor gave an assignment and the student came back with something completely different, the grade would not be very good.”

Letter: Term limits

We need a drastic change to our state legislature. Over the last several decades, our legislature has consisted of mainly the wealthy or members who are invested in or own state businesses. As a result, too many times, they have voted to protect their own interests.

Letter: Voice for unborn

In asking, “Who speaks for voiceless children?” (Journal-World, March 20), Leonard Pitts raises an interesting question. Citing a report on the Florida Department of Children and Families, he describes the abuse leading to the death of 3-year-old Ghanson Debrosse. He then asserts that this case constitutes an indictment against those whose silence allowed it, specifically accusing “abortion foes.”

Letter: Information control

Charles G. Koch’s op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal should have created debates about the idea of freedom. Alas, name-calling resulted with Koch referring to the current administration as “collectivist” who viewed citizens as incompetents.

Letter: Casting stones

This is in response to Carl Burkhead’s letter of April 9. When you become a woman and find yourself facing an unintended or unwanted pregnancy or a pregnancy incompatible with life or quality of life, then let you cast the first stone. But actually, no, even then, it is not your business or your concern what choice another woman makes.

Letter: Lost favorites

“Guess what’s closing now,” my mother asked Tuesday morning, before I saw the newspaper.

Letter: Figures disputed

The Obama administration and Health and Human Services are touting huge enrollment figures for the Affordable Care Act, but their math is misleading. Since HHS can’t even tell us how many enrollees actually paid a premium, it’s hard to tell who actually has insurance because their website wasn’t set up to collect the basic information about existing coverage, health status or age.

Letter: Done deal

The Lawrence City Commission voted on an issue that wasn’t even on their agenda April 8: whether or not to hold the Kansas Relays this year.

Letter: Big help

We wanted to give a shout out to KU Big Event volunteers Riley, Garret, Reece, Matthew and Brennan who came to our home, cleaned out flower beds, washed all our windows on the outside and raked furiously to get all of the leaves out of our English ivy!