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Letter to the editor: Message to leaders

Unless you have completely read and studied the tax reform bills in Congress and understand the impact of the provisions on the people you claim to serve, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Letter to the editor: Save net neutrality

Kansans have invested a great deal in broadband innovations, yet Sen. Moran has shown no interest in protecting our investment.

Letter to the editor: Rethinking bail

New Jersey judges now use a nine-factor algorithm developed by the Arnold Foundation to assess whether a defendant is dangerous or likely to flee. This has almost completely eliminated the use of bail.

Letter to the editor: Zenger’s success

While we wish the football program would look better on the field, when coach David Beaty was hired, we all knew it would take time to resurrect the program.

Letter to the editor: Strategy for Trump

Why doesn’t Trump just admit he’s a liar? Wouldn’t all of America’s factions be able to unite in believing and agreeing with those words from the president?

Letter to the editor: Protect health care

On behalf of all Americans affected by cancer, I urge Jerry Moran to vote “No” on health care repeal in the tax bill and take strong, bipartisan steps to strengthen, rather than weaken, our health care system.

Letter to the editor: EPA should act

Thanks to the 2016 update of U.S. chemical policy, the Environmental Protection Agency now has the authority to protect us from toxic chemicals. EPA proposed rules to restrict three dangerous chemicals many months ago, but the Trump administration has yet to act.

Letter to the editor: Climate action

Nearly all climate scientists say Earth is changing and not for the better. But who is causing this drastic and frightening change? Oh. Yes. I know. Surely something is being done about this evolving tragedy.

Letter to the editor: Scrutinize football

Serious conversations are surely needed with college football programs.

Letter to the editor: Stop the waste

The new gold-plated traffic circle at the Wakarusa and Harvard intersection is a waste of tax dollars.