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Letter to the editor: More on Baker

Fall is right around the corner and the season looks different for everyone. For the Lawrence Journal-World, fall is a time to cover as many activities, sports especially, as possible throughout the surrounding areas.

Letter to the editor: Gun generalization

I found Mark Joslyn’s comments about gun owners in last Thursday’s Journal-World offensive.

Letter to the editor: College worth

Regarding your editorial on July 14, the “education data” may indeed be “troubling,” there might be a method in the state’s madness concerning the low percentage of young Kansans pursuing higher education.

Letter to the editor: County model

Last month I had the honor to represent Douglas County with the sheriff’s office and Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center at a best-practices conference held by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Douglas County was nominated as a best-practice site for screening and assessment in jail.

Letter to the editor: Roberts’ priority

Last month Sen. Pat Roberts visited Ottawa to address the Rotary Club in our fine town. He addressed not only the attendees but also the crowd gathered outside to urge him to fight for quality, equitable health care/insurance for all Americans. His major theme for the day was crop insurance.

Letter to the editor: Inexcusable absence

What stopped the Kansas secretary of state from attending this year’s meeting of the National Association of Secretaries of State in Indianapolis?

Letter to the editor: Shut out of golf

Last weekend my friends and I played golf at Eagle Bend. I was shocked that 18 holes with a cart cost $49. Fees over the years have gone up dramatically higher than inflation.

Letter to the editor: Wonderful film

I want to thank the screenwriter, the director and all the local cast members for the wonderful film production of “The Tree” at the Free State Film Festival. We really enjoyed the story and the scenery in the film.

Letter to the editor: Taxes worth it

I do not understand why people try to change tax into a four-letter word. I think of taxes as a thank-you gift that can never match the original gift given to me.

Letter to the editor: Troubling advertising

I was troubled by the way the full page ad, placed by Hobby Lobby in the July 4 Journal-World, cherry-picked history to support its beliefs about how fellow citizens ought to believe and act.