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Letter: Voting rights

Citing as justification a mere handful of past voter fraud cases, Kansas government strips 36,000 residents of a legal freedom they formerly enjoyed: voting in state elections. Could a federal class action suit compensate them for injuries their American citizenship rights will henceforth suffer?

Letter: Abusive headline

All right, we get it: This year’s Kansas University football team has issues, lots of issues.  However, I don’t think that gives this newspaper license to put out headlines like the one we saw on Sunday — “BONEHEADED” — after another loss.

Letter: Abortion protest

I am horrified, outraged, heartsick over the videos that have recently surfaced showing the dismembered body parts of human babies being sold for profit. Make no mistake; this is not fetal tissue being harvested but hearts, lungs, brains. At just 21 days after conception, a preborn child’s heart begins to beat, and at one month, that heart is pumping quantities of blood through the circulatory system.

Letter: Road scholars?

I am inclined to agree with most of my fellow Lawrencians on the issue of calming Kasold. I think the “road scholars” at City Hall have got it wrong.

Letter: Just Food thanks

We asked, and you answered. This community’s outpouring of generosity has overwhelmed us. We believed Just Food’s mission was too important to let the organization fall, and the speed at which you came to our side shows that many, many of you agree. Saying “thank you” is not enough, but thank you.

Letter: Noise control

My husband and I recently moved back to Lawrence. It is still the Lawrence we knew and loved, and, yet, we’ve noticed that it’s louder now.  We expected to hear normal traffic noise from our house on Massachusetts, but not deafening, house-shaking NASCAR track roars. There seem to be fewer than 20 or so drivers (motorcycles, small pickups and even a few compact cars) determined that their appearance in town be heard by everyone, including that baby the neighbor finally got to settle down. 

Letter: Safest route

I live in southeast Lawrence and use Kasold to get from 31st Street to Sixth Street to see my primary care doctor, my ophthalmologist, the dog’s vet, the Free State pool, church and Theatre Lawrence. For me, it is the safest, fastest way to get to those places.

Letter: Kasold questions

Wow! I can hardly wait to learn which of the few remaining north-south streets across the city will be throttled down to one lane, like the proposal put forth for Kasold Drive. Will it be Wakarusa, Iowa or Massachusetts?

Letter: Mower rescue

I recently was transporting my just-repaired mower from northeast Lawrence to my northwest residence. Arriving at home — no mower! I immediately backtracked twice and no sign of the mower or tiedowns that had broken loose. I was resting in my recliner, saddened by the event when my brain kicked in with, “Call the police and report it!”

Letter: Housing need

The Sept. 28 Journal-World includes two pieces that some might not realize are related: the front page article on the sales tax break for the Eldridge Hotel expansion project and David Smith’s letter discussing homelessness and affordable housing.