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Letter: Healthy lunches

With the new school year starting, parents’ attention is turning to school clothes, supplies and lunches. Yes, school lunches!

Letter: Above and beyond

My family was in Lawrence last week visiting relatives when our deaf-blind daughter’s hearing aid went on the blink. We were leaving for home in Virginia early the next morning and looked for an audiologist who could check the aid. Due to our daughter’s severe disabilities, that hearing aid is her only window to the world.

Letter: Traffic expertise

Recently, the Journal-World has published staff editorials criticizing a proposal for a roundabout at the intersection of Kasold Drive and Harvard Road, and to replace Kasold’s divided four-lane boulevard with single driving lanes, a dedicated center turn lane and bike lanes. The Journal-World cites the city engineers’ and planners’ reasoning and counters their expertise with speculation and personal perceptions.

Letter: Traffic priorities

I strongly object to the constant drumming by city and county traffic planners and engineers to increase the number of bicycle trafficways and parking for the small minority of people who ride bikes for exercise or as primary transportation in Lawrence.  

Letter: Just Food just fine

A recent Your Turn column from a volunteer driver at Just Food was much appreciated. This comes after some unfortunate publicity regarding financial dealings by the former director. I hope people realize that Just Food continues to function as a vital part of the community, and this glitch in the operations will not deter it from serving as a food pantry for those who desperately need its services.

Letter: Church, state

When reading the Aug. 19 Journal-World, I saw an article which stated that a former state employee is suing the Secretary of State’s Office, claiming she was fired because she refused to attend prayer meetings in Secretary Kobach’s office. This is being vigorously denied by the secretary himself.

Letter: ALEC agenda

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) owns the national, state and many local chambers of commerce, which transformed the organizations into a right-wing politicial action committee working against:

Letter: Think about it

The near-unanimous assumption that every Republican in Congress will vote to torpedo the nuclear agreement with Iran can only mean that these people are letting someone else make the decision for them. Clearly, there are legitimate differences of opinion on the matter. For example the leaders of France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, U.S., Iran, The Vatican, and many other nations think it is the best solution available; those of Saudi Arabia and Israel, in rare unison, think not.

Letter: Empty gesture

I was surprised to see that our local Hollywood Theater (movies) on south Iowa is searching handbags. Besides being a violation of our rights, it will be no good against a determined gun smuggler. You need X-rays, metal detectors, and body pat-down searches.

Letter: Political dollars

It seems not so long ago that Sen. Russ Feingold and others in Congress were leading the effort for campaign reform for national candidates. My, how things have changed, and not for the good. Since the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, billions of dollars have been given with no transparency to super PACs which support various candidates from both parties. Small contributors have been totally turned off.