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Letter to the editor: Wishes, needs

The July 13 front-page headline read “Commissioners, public criticize proposed budget cuts.” Lawrence seems to be a city which is unable to differentiate between a “want” and a “need.” Need I say more? We hired Tom Marcus to do a tough job. I’m glad he has the guts to tackle difficult issues. I support him!

Letter to the editor: ‘We like him’

With the conclusion of its convention, the position of the Republican Party is now official and can be summarized as follows:

Letter to the editor: Silly, scary

Like many of you, I watched the much-anticipated Donald Trump acceptance speech Thursday night and found it both scary and silly, equal parts dystopia, strongman, xenophobe, trickle down economics, trade protectionism and big government/big spending liberalism.

Letter to the editor: Jail practices

It is becoming apparent that too many people are ending up in the Douglas County Jail. A recent poll found that nearly one-half of all Americans would have difficulty coming up with $400 for an unexpected expense. That’s a primary reason why the jail is overcapacity. Many people just can’t afford to post a modest bond or pay a small fine, so they end up in jail. Others are jailed for failing to appear in court.

Letter to the editor: Bail changes

With every level of government in Kansas seeking ways to get the most from tight tax dollars, we need to be sure we are getting the greatest benefit for our money locally. One way to do this was recently featured by John Oliver: revising our bail system. 

Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy showing?

The faction that currently controls our state has made political theater of their contempt for national government. They’ve thumbed their noses at federal authority at every opportunity: environmental regulation, health care law, voters rights, guns — especially guns. They extol guns as citizens’ only protection from the “overreach” of illegitimate governmental authority.

Letter to the editor: Keep city auditor

Thank you for your continuing coverage of the Lawrence city budget debate.

Letter to the editor: Great event

After participating and volunteering at the Tour of Lawrence for the past 13 years, I must congratulate Bob Spanner and his wonderful support team for another wonderful race event.

Letter to the editor: Laying blame

In their July 17 letter, Craig Tucker and Judy Northway blame George W. Bush for “fraudulently” invading Iraq.

Letter to the editor: The messenger

I appreciate the article by Nikki Wentling on July 16 highlighting the failure of the city to collect its just debts; the auditor, with the sad duty to point out the fact; and the action of the new city manager’s 2017 budget proposal to eliminate the position of city auditor.