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Letter: Great service

What a great profile of Kelley Hunt by Joanna Hlavacek with the story of Hunt’s housewife mom singing to friends to “lift them up,” even singing to a local grocer right there in the store when the man was facing a serious illness.

Letter: Rep. responds

I wanted to clear up some confusion from a Feb. 9 letter to the editor, and discuss how my Mental Health First Aid Act will help our communities identify and respond to mental health issues.

Letter: Motive questioned

I read the Feb. 5 Journal-World article regarding the bond issue and Kansas University. It sounds to me like Rep. Marc Rhoades, a Republican from Newton, has an ax to grind. We know he is a conservative but could he perhaps also be a K-State follower with a slight animosity toward KU? Just wondering!

Letter: Repressive stance

State Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook is the last person on Earth to whom I would entrust the safety of my grandchildren. Under her political agenda, my grandkids may not have access to great art or to the rich resources in literature, and surely they would not have access to comprehensive sexuality education.

Letter: Health champion?

This news caught my eye. U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins was presented a National Council Behavioral Health Champion Award. This award should look good next to the award she surely gets from the National Rifle Association for her voting record on guns.

Letter: No-call strategy

Back in the day, how did my late buddy, Jack, get telemarketers off his back? So that they would never call again, especially during dinner? He asked, “What’s your home phone number?” Pause. “What do you want that for, sir?” “So that I can call you at home and bug you, just like you’re bugging me now.” Slam!

Letter: Frightening thought

I got a laugh out of Stephen Ware’s comments that the current Kansas judicial selection system is “undemocratic, extreme and secretive” and that “(i)n a democracy, everybody’s vote ought to be worth the same.” (Journal-World, Feb. 4).

Letter: Sad state of affairs

I became an avid newspaper reader in 1939 and have maintained that practice into my eighth decade. In all that time, through wars and depression, I have never been as concerned about our political system. From the deadlock in Washington to the would-be oligarchs in Topeka, I believe our democracy is threatened. I will limit this letter to two immediate concerns.

Letter: How much need?

Yes, the Journal-World is right. We do need to spend some money to update the county jail. We spend thousands of dollars sending prisoners to other counties, which means they are farther away from families that can help them re-integrate. There are more women in jail. We are more aware of the needs of mentally ill inmates — and there are fewer places to send them for treatment. The standards for safety under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) are new since the facility was built and call for better classification.

Letter: ‘Efficiency’ plans

The Journal-World on Tuesday brought clarification regarding the financial crisis in our great state. “Lawmakers identify culprit in massive budget deficits” was the headline, or something like that. It turns out that our financial mess is not the result of flawed policy and then lack of leadership from the governor’s office or a partisan and ineffective legislature. The problem was poor people all along. We should have guessed. The big effort toward efficiency in government can start with them.