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Letter: Degree questions

Thank you Journal-World for the June 21 article about Fort Hays State University’s scheme to make money by running what it calls “overseas degree programs” in China. Not surprisingly, FHSU’s assistant provost for strategic partnerships, Cindy Elliot, denied the existence of any Chinese censorship that would call FHSU’s institutional integrity or academic freedom into question. Yes, she acknowledged, faculty members are told to avoid making comments that are inappropriate for “guests” of China. However, according to her, the Chinese government has not objected “to content that could be considered sensitive in classes that FHSU requires for its political science degree, such as American Government, American Constitution and Political Philosophy.” “Never,” Elliot stated, “do we compromise the credentials that students need to complete a degree.”

Letter: School collapse

I heard two things said about Gov. Brownback when he campaigned for his first term in 2010: “We love Brownback; he’s a voucher guy” and “Brownback won’t be happy until kids are learning their ABC’s in church basement Sunday school classrooms.“ Action speaks louder than words, and we are heading in that direction whether it is the governor’s conscious plan or not.

Letter: T support high

I read with great interest Chad Lawhorn’s column (July 22) on the recent discussion of location of the new transit hub. I’ve been a Lawrence resident since 1969 and have been active in local issues for most of those years.

Letter: Support peace

We have three choices. One is to stay with the present system, with no inspections for Iran, no limits on future nuclear weapons and no cooperation with the rest of the world. We can go again to war.

Letter: Managing risks

Headlines and debates have abounded after news of the new Iran treaty.  

Letter: Votes should count

I remember listening to a distinguished panel of historians discuss how the genius of our founding fathers was their understanding that power WOULD be abused. Transparency along with checks and balances were their attempts to address this human failing.

Letter: Fraud focus

Kansas’ secretary of state has worked tirelessly to eliminate the ten or so cases of voter fraud that show up in Kansas elections, although disenfranchising thousands of Kansans as collateral damage. His zeal to protect the sanctity of the ballot led the legislature to criminalize illegal voting, even by innocent error, and gave the secretary of state power to prosecute, which will intimidate many more voters.

Letter: Egg alternatives

The U.S. egg industry is reeling from a colossal outbreak of avian flu, mostly among egg-laying chickens. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 48 million birds, accounting for 11 percent of the nation’s egg-laying hens, have been slaughtered for fear of infection during the past few months.

Letter: Income issue

There has been a lot of buzz around the”affordable housing” problem in Lawrence, but people are ignoring the other factor, which is income.

Letter: Facility proposal

The rationale for a single facility is outdated and unconvincing, e.g. we were told about the original plan that “crimes are solved around the water cooler.” Consequently, I propose the following plan.