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Letter to the editor: Flight thanks

The recent Honor Flight of the Ozarks, was a wonderful experience. There were veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam on our flight.

Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy display

I’m sure I’m not the only one very concerned about some of the reckless acts and words of our current president. So I wrote a courteous letter to our senators and congresswoman, asking them to do everything they could to protect us from any foolish or harmful presidential policy decisions.

Letter to the editor: School officials’ sordid move

The school board’s vote to shift Kyle Hayden from the position of superintendent to chief operating officer further exposes the gap between the principles of equity lauded by board members and the actual decisions they have made this school year.

Letter to the editor: House arrest idea

Have you ever thought of security ankle bracelets for house arrests for those with lesser crimes?

Letter to the editor: No defense increase

The military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us against is growing in influence under the Trump administration, which is proposing a $54 billion increase in Pentagon spending and has just signed a multibillion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Letter to the editor: Call your senators

We have all been transfixed by the daily unfolding of events that will eventually end the presidency of Donald Trump.

Letter to the editor: Health care fraud

Just imagine how many millions of health care dollars are being funneled to lobbyists and elected officials, plus the budget for misinformation from the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry, which, by the way, is being billed to those paying for medical insurance.

Letter to the editor: Lighting concerns

I recently read in the Journal-World about LED lights as part of the $11.3 million in upgrades being installed as part of the city’s new energy conservation program. I am all in favor of energy-saving applications including lighting, but caution must be observed.

Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

There are still people defending Trump’s actions. Still. You know, it’s possible to be hopeful that he will do a good job, or turn things around. But to defend him no matter what and call all negative coverage fake is enabling and unrealistic. If you’re still in that place, then you’re not being honest with yourself, or perhaps you simply need more information than what you have.

Letter to the editor: Our leader

Here is a quote from a recent Time interview with Donald J. Trump.