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Letter: Guns, refugees

Gov. Brownback seems to have a double standard in assuring the safety of Kansas citizens. He would require that the U.S. government guarantee that Syrian refugees are not terrorists in disguise. I would like to require that the Kansas government guarantee that all gun-owners on state university campuses are not terrorists in disguise.

Letter: Blasphemous acts

Thank you, Edith Guffey, for addressing the abysmal and frankly blasphemous actions and words of Gov. Brownback with the true word of Christ (“Don’t be silent,” Public Forum, Nov. 19). 

Letter: Another blemish

America is on the verge of adding another dark blemish to our history. To the history of slaughtering Native Americans and then relocating them on reservations, brutal enslavement of African-Americans and then subjecting them to segregation and prejudice, the internment of American Japanese, we are about to add slamming our door on refugees from Syria.

Letter: Words signify

A lead story on the front page must be news. By definition, it is news. The purpose of news is to inform, inform the public so the public can decide public issues. The story must therefore be sufficiently informative to enable the public to make choices.

Letter: Housing costs

I have the privilege of living and working in this great community. One of the reasons my wife and I chose to live in Lawrence was that we valued our time together as a family.

Letter: Spare a turkey

While President Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance that spares a turkey’s life.

Letter: Lesson of history

I am angry at Gov. Brownback and the other governors who will refuse Syrian refugees. My anger stems from when I was a child during World War II and Americans of Japanese descent were taken from their homes, lost their property and were housed in stables and, later, camps in desolate places. 

Letter: Real climate threat

I disagree with the editor’s premise that the U.S. cannot effectively screen Syrian refugees entering our country (“Naive thinking,” Nov. 18 editorial).  Furthermore, I’m disappointed with the many elected leaders, including Gov. Brownback, whose response is to turn victims of persecution away. That is not leadership of which we should be proud.

Letter: Quick response

On Thursday, Nov. 12, I had a car stolen from my car store — broad daylight, open hours, my mechanic and I both on site. I had a car warming up for a test drive scheduled soon. The perp (I’ve read some crime novels) cased my area and, when I went inside, casually jumped into the car and drove away.

Letter: No compassion

I was very sad Tuesday morning, as I heard it announced that Gov. Brownback planned to issue an executive order to oppose allowing Syrian refugees to relocate to Kansas in response to the horrible events in France recently. It’s said his reasoning is to prevent such things from happening here in the Midwest.