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Letter: Trust issue

Regarding the email from Wicked Broadband’s co-owner to two city commissioners essentially offering them 1,184 election votes in exchange for their pro-broadband vote: 

Letter: ‘Pot’ success

I felt the need to respond to the recent letter from Ken Meyer, whose arguments lost credibility when he stated that “Colorado’s estimated tax revenue from liberalized pot policies did not pan out so well.” The truth is that since “pot” was legalized there in 2014, Colorado collected about $45.4 million through Oct. 14 (the most recent figures available) from recreational pot sales.

Letter: Politicized courts

Of course the courts in Kansas are being politicized. They chose to do that to themselves by asserting political power over the other two political branches of government.

Letter: Library buzzing

I am writing to refute Ed White’s negative opinion of the city’s investment in the new library. First, a library isn’t a store, it’s an organism which grows and changes with time. Since opening, this library buzzes with life!

Letter: Brownback hypocrisy

In his State of the State address, Gov. Sam Brownback told the Legislature he is bold; the same day, by leading the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration march in Topeka, he showed the world he is a shameless hypocrite.

Letter: Life-changing class

The Jan. 17 Saturday Column by Dolph Simons Jr. was right on point.

Letter: Tax truth

Much is being said about increasing taxes: the governor on “sin” taxes, the city for new projects, and the president, on the rich. How about some truth for a change?

Letter: Not just semantics

Titles from Sunday’s front-page, “Quakes linked to fracking; now what?” and online, “Kansas quakes likely caused by oil and gas fracking process” are inaccurate, and it is not just a matter of semantics. A correct headline would be “Kansas quakes likely caused by saltwater disposal process.” To solve any scientific problem, it must first be defined in a technically precise manner. Otherwise the investigative process becomes muddled and inefficient. The probable root of the increased earthquake activity is the disposal of much larger volumes of saltwater than in the past, not hydraulic fracturing (fracking) — period!

Letter: Cars are king

I chuckled when reading the recent articles which described the need for students to be able to walk/bike to school without getting run over by a car. They reminded me of a recent incident when I was nearly struck by a car at an intersection (where I had the right of way) and I yelled at the driver, “Ride a bike!” The angry driver responded by honking and shouting at me, “Why the hell would I do that?”

Letter: Tipsy coyote?

I was reading about the increase in coyotes reported inside Lawrence. When we lived about one block south of Clinton Parkway some 15 years ago, we had a pear tree in our back yard which was not a great asset to our table.