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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

Like a supernova, Donald Trump has illuminated the electoral universe in 2016. Win or lose, he is likely to explode, showering his light and heat upon thousands of other races across the country, from county commissioner to U.S. senator.

Opinion: We must restore confidence in the value of education

It is time for a reality check. Americans are losing confidence in higher education, its quality and its availability. According to a recent poll by Public Agenda, 57 percent of the public are uncertain about the necessity of college; 46 percent say a college education is a questionable investment; and 59 percent say colleges care most about the bottom line.

Opinion: Brownback dealing in dreams, not reality

Recently, Gov. Sam Brownback held a press conference to invite Kansans to email him ideas for a new school finance formula. That sounds nice. Can anything be wrong with asking people for input? Well, actually, quite a bit.

Opinion: Kansas Chamber represents only a very few

The tail wags the dog when it comes to the politics of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. A few businesses underwrite the chamber’s electioneering with results contrary to the interests of most Kansas businesses.

Opinion: Kansas especially reckless, thoughtless on taxes

I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire adult life. By temperament, I’m a Midwesterner — relatively pragmatic, optimistic within reason, and generally kind (I hope). I’ve lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and — for the past 37 years — Kansas.

Opinion: African America has promises to keep

We are gathered here today not to argue about some policy prescription, nor to excoriate some public figure. No, we are gathered because sometimes, you have no choice, sometimes, you simply have a duty to bear witness.

Opinion: O’Reilly makes a mess of history

Were the lungs the seat of wisdom, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly would be wise, but they are not and he is not. So it is not astonishing that he is doubling down on his wager that the truth cannot catch up with him. It has, however, already done so.

Opinion: On foreign policy, Obama has the right target

President Obama’s foreign policy has been a regular punching bag for Republican presidential candidates, but many of their criticisms are facile.

Analysis: Kobach at center of Kansas Senate drama

Secretary of State Kris Kobach's position as chief Kansas elections officer is allowing him to play a marquee role in the political drama surrounding Democrat Chad Taylor's attempt to get off the ballot in the U.S. Senate race.

Your Turn: Community needs to provide real opportunities

My primary job as a school board member is to provide educators with the resources and leadership they need to produce thoughtful, well-rounded graduates.