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Healthy Outlook: KU Alzheimer’s center study could change aging as we know it

Research could improve life for seniors, and the generations that depend on them

My grandfather, now nearing age 90, has always lived a very active lifestyle. He is exemplary of a theory that a University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center research group has set out to prove: Exercise has a strong, positive impact on brain health, and it slows the loss of cognitive function that comes with age.

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More than 74 years of marriage later, Lawrence couple still remember the day they met

Hob and Helen Crockett celebrated their 74th anniversary on Monday. He’s now 96, and she’s 93. The Crocketts had only seen each other in person three times before they got married. Their wedding — on April 10, 1943 — made it four.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers battling dementia

Relatives of Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers say the Chicago Bears legend has been diagnosed with dementia.

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7 strategies to boost your memory

Our brains are constantly bombarded with images and information, and we live in a fast-paced society. With so much stimulation, it is normal to occasionally become “overloaded” and forget small things. However, when forgetfulness and confusion interfere with our daily living, it may be time to visit the doctor.

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Former federal official to remain vocal on senior issues in private life

Kathy Greenlee has returned to Kansas and stepped down from her job as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Aging, but her advocacy will remain constant. “I’m an advocate at heart,” she said. “It’s the first time in 20 years I haven’t been in government. Advocacy as a private citizen is a little different.”

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Doctors ponder delicate talks as Medicare pays for end-of-life counsel

Physicians can now bill Medicare $86 for an office-based, end-of-life counseling session with a patient for as long as 30 minutes.

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For Lawrence choir, singing to the dying is a life-affirming act

Sophia Compton “can’t read a note” of music. The retired professor (Compton taught women’s studies, religion and philosophy back on the West Coast before moving to Lawrence three years ago) isn’t embarrassed to admit her lack of vocal training, even amid three of her fellow choir members.

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Who's too old for major treatment? Age not always a barrier

Jimmy Carter isn't the only nonagenarian to withstand rigorous medical treatment. Very old age is no longer an automatic barrier for aggressive therapies, from cancer care like the former president has received, to major heart procedures, joint replacements and even some organ transplants.

As you get older, let your pet carry some of the load

Teach your dog or cat a few tricks, and your golden years will be better for it. The movement to improve care for older pets has been going on for some time. But the idea of training pets to help out aging baby boomers is relatively new.

Community Village Lawrence to host forum on in-home aging

Community Village Lawrence will host an event Friday entitled "It Takes a Village: A forum on Aging in Place."

Jack Leftwich, 93-year-old pilot

Jack "Lefty" Leftwich gained a love for flying when he was 7, and that love led him to fly for Pan American World Airways during WWII. Now, at 93, he still flies his ultralight aircraft from his airstrip by his home.

Wilma Elder, 81-year-old fitness instructor, retires from Lawrence Parks & Rec

Wilma Elder, 81, a long-time fitness instructor with the Lawrence Parks and Recreation department is retiring. After she retires she still plans to take a fitness class, but her fitness students will miss her personal selection of music which features a lot of old big band tunes.

Henrietta Olson: testing a theory of theft

Henrietta Olson celebrates her 106th birthday on October 22, 2010. Here she remembers taking something from a store when she was about nine years old.

Henrietta Olson: chewing tobacco

Henrietta Olson celebrates her 106th birthday on October 22, 2010. Here she talks about the first - and only - time she tried chewing tobacco. Olson never smoked or drank.

New tool to help locate loved ones

A new tool is being used to help families locate children with special needs and elderly individuals suffering from dementia. The device can be worn on the person's wrist like a watch.

Seniors attend employment expo

Senior citizens in Douglas County attended the fourth employment expo Thursday. The event helped some learn to use new tools to find work.

Adult day health center opens in Lawrence

An adult day health center provides social activities for seniors. It also can provide respite for caregivers. Until Midland Care Connection opened the center, there was no such program offered in Lawrence.

City considering attracting retirees

The city of Lawrence could gain a lot from attracting retirees to the area. The demographic could help the city gain good economic development benefits, if the pursuit is supported.

New Secretary on Aging named

Martin Kennedy has been named the new Secretary on Aging. With the growing population of the elderly, he will be looking for creative ways to help avoid potential problems for the state.

Caretakers need support, education

More than 52 million Americans are expected to provide care to an elderly or frail family member this year.