2015 race for Lawrence City Commission

Candidate selector 2015 City Commission election

Welcome to our candidate selector for 2015 City Commission election. It's a fun and educational tool that can help you decide which candidate(s) you agree with the most.

Here's how it works. Below, we've listed a set of issues and the candidates' positions on these issues. Check the box next to a candidate's response if you agree with it. After you're done, we'll tell you which candidate(s) you agreed with the most.

Please note that this is meant to be fun and educational - but shouldn't necessarily be used as the de facto way of making such an important decision. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about each candidate.

Do you believe a new police headquarters facility is needed, and if so, are you open to considering a property tax or sales tax increase to fund the facility?

The city in 2014 approved a new registration and licensing program for apartments and other rental units in the city. It is set to begin inspections in July. Do you support the program as approved?

In Rock Chalk Park, the city entered into a public-private partnership and is paying for about $12M worth of infrastructure exempted from a bidding process. Do you support public-private partnerships that involve the city paying for work that was not bid?

In 2014 the city approved tax rebates for projects in East Lawrence, downtown and near the KU campus that were either wholly or largely for apartment development. Do you support providing tax incentives for apartment development?

The city last year opened Lawrence VenturePark, the new business park built on the former Farmland Industries site in eastern Lawrence. Do you support the idea of providing tax abatements and other financial incentives to attract businesses to that park?

In 2015, the city is budgeted to provide about $220,000 to the Lawrence chamber of commerce to lead the community’s economic development efforts. Do you support that arrangement with the chamber?

In 2008 voters approved a three-tenths of a percent sales tax to fund city-street maintenance and other infrastructure projects. How would you rate the condition of city streets today?

In 2014 the city built a new dual-lane roundabout on Wakarusa Drive, and is considering building more in the future. Do you support the use of roundabouts in the city?

Based on current city capital improvement plans, the city is scheduled to spend about $3M in 2015-2016 on a project to rebuild part of Ninth Street in an effort to make the area into an “arts corridor.” As currently proposed, do you support the project?

The city has been asked to approve financial incentives to spur the installation of gigabit, super-fast broadband service. Do you support the idea of an incentive to private companies interested in providing enhanced broadband services to the community?

What is the biggest issue facing Lawrence neighborhoods?

Given the other needs of the city, what is the likelihood that you would support additional funding for trails, bike lanes and other pedestrian-oriented projects in the community?

Given the other needs of the city, what is the likelihood that you would support additional funding for trails, bike lanes and other pedestrian-oriented projects in the community?

Given the city's other needs, what is the likelihood that you would support city assistance for a new conference center in the community? (Disclosure: Members of the company that owns the LJW have proposed a downtown project including a conference center)

In 2014 there were six homicides in Lawrence, the highest number in at least a decade. Is there anything the Lawrence City Commission can do to improve public safety in the community?

A proposal has been made by a development group to create a major new retail area just south of the South Lawrence Trafficway and Iowa Street interchange? Are you supportive of rezoning property for major new retail developments in the community?

What’s your vision for the type of community Lawrence will become in the next decade?