2007 race for Lawrence School Board, USD 497

Candidate selector Lawrence School Board 2007

Welcome to our candidate selector for Lawrence School Board 2007. It's a fun and educational tool that can help you decide which candidate(s) you agree with the most.

Here's how it works. Below, we've listed a set of issues and the candidates' positions on these issues. Check the box next to a candidate's response if you agree with it. After you're done, we'll tell you which candidate(s) you agreed with the most.

Please note that this is meant to be fun and educational - but shouldn't necessarily be used as the de facto way of making such an important decision. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about each candidate.

Lawrence must compete for teachers with neighboring school districts, including those in Johnson County. What do you think the district should do to retain its good teachers and compete for the best teachers?

What do you think Lawrence's school board should do about kindergarten? The school district now offers half-day kindergarten. Should the school district offer all-day kindergarten? If so, how should it be funded?

The Lawrence Virtual School is expected to be the largest school in the district in three years at its current growth rate. What do you think the growth of such online educational programs will mean to traditional education in five years?

In the 2007-08 school year, food and beverages brought into schools must comply with the school board's new wellness policy. That means no more sugary snacks and soda pop. What do you think about the policy and how it is being implemented?

As more Spanish-speakers move into the area, Lawrence's English as a Second Language program continues to grow. It has already expanded from Hillcrest Elementary School to Cordley Elementary School. How do you think the program should be handled in futur