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Our dynamic Internet marketing services and solutions include:

Consulting and Training:

We’ll help you define your business objectives, choose the online strategies that will best garner high response, and map out a plan for success.

Free 30 Minute Strategy Sessions: During your 30 minute phone consultation, we will discuss your business needs and ideas and identify your online objectives. We'll make suggestions and help you decide the best overall strategy for developing and/or improving your online presence. (1 free session per business)

Website Design:

Having a website even for a local business is no longer an option- it’s a necessity. A professionally designed website along with proven internet marketing strategies will help you meet your business needs and marketing goals such as increased sales, market positioning, lead generation and customer retention. We have the talent, technology and expertise to create a website for your business that delivers results. We specialize in ‘direct response’ design which focuses on achieving optimum sales and traffic conversions. With packages to fit your needs and budget Your website will also include a user friendly content management system that makes editing your web pages as simple as composing an email.

Website Makeover:

How is your Website performing? Web sites are like cars. It's easy to pick out the older model from among the modern ones. Make sure your company's site doesn't resemble an '84 Impala. Look at your nearest competitors. Do they have a more interesting and professional presence online? If so, improving your Web presentation could provide a competitive edge. A website makeover can benefit your site by providing a more professional look, improve navigation and load time, increase sales and lead conversions, increase your sites search engine rankings and more.

Business Blog Development and Marketing:

When taking your business online it is extremely important to build and market your online brand. One of the best ways to create and to monitor your online brand is by creating a business blog. It helps you establish your credibility by demonstrating your expertise, helps boost your visibility in your industry, and by adding new relevant content improves your search engine rankings. We have a full range of blog design options to fit your specific business needs and budget. We also offer training for you or your staff on how to effectively use your new blog to reach your target market.

Email Marketing:

E-mail can be an incredibly effective, and inexpensive, marketing tool when used properly but a great e-mail campaign takes careful planning. Whether you’re fairly new to email marketing or have already developed and implemented numerous campaigns, it helps to have the support of our professionals behind you. We work with you to develop the most cost-effective means of reaching your email marketing goals. We can then help you launch and manage your next e-mail marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You Essentially Don’t Exist If You Can’t be Found. 89% of Americans use search engines. Are they finding your business online? Many small business owners are missing out on the potential traffic and sales they could get if their web sites were optimized for search engines. Location is everything — even online. SEO is one of the most powerful things a small business can invest in. No matter what size of business or whether you are a global business or a small local one, our SEO packages will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our SEO services are designed to help your web site rise to the top of search engines when someone types in words relating to your business. We have the know-how and tools to help bring highly targeted visitors to your web site -- visitors who are actively seeking to buy exactly what you sell.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

While it’s important for your website to be ‘Search Engine friendly’, it’s becoming equally important to be ‘Social Media’ friendly. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. Many small/local business owners think social media is a waste of time. For some, it would be a waste of time to jump into social media without looking for the local angle- the opportunity to find and connect with potential customers in their hometown. The best recipe for local-social success is to focus not on what you can get from the community you join, but on what you can give. SMO and SEO complement each other very well and we can help you to integrate effective social media and SEO optimization strategies.

Video Marketing/Optimization

Google loves video and by adding video to your marketing mix, you can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. You can also enhance your know, like and trust factor very quickly by appearing on video. Let your customers get to know you by seeing and hearing you! Nothing establishes a better connection with your clients and customers than video. Video creates that immediate bond.

Online Advertising Solutions

There are multiple online advertising opportunities for your business and we can help you understand all the solutions available to you but more importantly which ones would be a better fit for your specific business needs and marketing goals. We’ll develop an effective online advertising campaign for your business and target audience to fit any budget. Advertising options to include Banner Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, CPA Networks, Mobile and Text advertising campaigns and more.

Landing Page Design

If you are using paid online advertising methods such as banner ads or Pay-per-click advertising, having an offer focused landing page to direct your visitors to instead of your main website can increase your sales and ROI as much as 200%. Our team of designers can create an eye catching and appealing landing page for your offer that will help convert your visitors from prospects to buyers.


We also offer professional copywriting services for your articles, press releases, web content and online ads.

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