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Lawrence Journal-World

From the 7-day-a-week Journal-World to its weekly community products, The World Company places its emphasis on local news and information and delivers it with superior design — assuring that with World Company products, your advertising message will reach customers more effectively than with any other product serving the area.

Award-winning community newspapers in top 10 growing Kansas cities & total circulation over 60,000 in Douglas, Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson counties

The Shawnee Dispatch

Shawnee Dispatch newspaper front page

The Shawnee Dispatch is recognized as the official city newspaper of Shawnee, KS. It is the only publication dedicated to the Shawnee community, with exclusive Shawnee news and editorial. Other publications delivered in Shawnee are zoned editions with little or no local news. The Shawnee Dispatch has established significant community ties through exclusive partnerships with the City, the Parks and Recreation department, the local Chamber and various community events and organizations.

Shawnee, KS:
  • Fastest Growing First-Class City in KS and KC Metro
  • Average HH income $76,437 (KS Avg. $56,818)
  • Median Home Value $207,100 (KC Avg. $152,100)
  • Over 70% Owner-Occupied Housing
  • Home to 4 of Top 25 Wealthiest Zip Codes in KC Metro: 66216, 66217, 66218, 66226

Weekly newspapers

In addition to the Shawnee Dispatch, the World Company publishes several other weekly newspapers.

Baldwin City Signal newspaper front page Basehor Sentinel newspaper front page

The Chieftain newspaper front page The Mirror newspaper front page

World Company Publication Coverage Comparison to the Kansas City Star

Comparison based on Sunday distribution, KC Star numbers retrieved from published ABC figures.

Google Chart

Lawrence Journal-World: 19,098

Kansas City Star: 3,881

Google Chart

Seven weekly newspapers: 34,900

Kansas City Star: 19,178

Google Chart

Shawnee Dispatch: 22,300

Kansas City Star: 12,282

Preprint coverage for 27 Kansas Zips

For insert advertising, look no further. The World Company has the most to offer in the region in terms of competitive rates and maximum return. FSI distribution is available in the Lawrence Journal-World 7 days-a-week, with zoning available by zip code for both paid subscribers as well as TMC distribution. Community markets offer mid-week distribution and also offer zip code zoning.

Extend your pre-print buy to reach the fastest growing community in KS and the KC Metro!

  • Over 70% owner-occupied housing
  • Household income nearly 50% over the state average
  • Four of the top 25 wealthiest zip codes in the KC metro
  • Insert in The Shawnee Dispatch, Shawnee’s only community newspaper!

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